Weather, Climate, and Society


Volume 13, Issue 1

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Weather, Climate, and Society (WCAS) publishes research that encompasses economics, policy analysis, political science, history, and institutional, social, and behavioral scholarship relating to weather and climate, including climate change. Contributions must include original social science research, evidence-based analysis, and relevance to the interactions of weather and climate with society.

Since many authors of WCAS papers are from social science disciplines, for which funding is generally more limited than in the physical sciences, the AMS Council has eliminated page charges for this journal.

ISSN: 1948-8327; elSSN: 1948-8335

Editor in Chief

Henry Huntington, Huntington Consulting

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2019 Journal Impact Factors in the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science and Environmental Studies categories

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The Role of Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge in Ecosystem-Based Adaptation: A Review of the Literature and Case Studies from the Pacific Islands

Johanna Nalau, Susanne Becken, Johanna Schliephack, Meg Parsons, Cilla Brown, and Brendan Mackey
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Verification of Seasonal Climate Forecast toward Hydroclimatic Information Needs of Rice Farmers in Northern Ghana

Emmanuel Nyadzi, E. Saskia Werners, Robbert Biesbroek, Phi Hoang Long, Wietse Franssen, and Fulco Ludwig
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Improving Coastal Storm Evacuation Messages

Cara L. Cuite, Rachael L. Shwom, William K. Hallman, Rebecca E. Morss, and Julie L. Demuth

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