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1First half of paper on “Clouds in aerology and forecasting,” presented at the Kansas City meeting of the Society, June 10, 1938, and, somewhat modified, at the Chicago Seminar, June 29, 1939. This paper has been revised in 1940 and 1941, by the addition of more examples, and references to some of the very considerable European literature on this subject.

General reference should be made to the International Atlas of Clouds and of Slates of the Sky, by the Commission for the Study of Clouds, of the Int.'l. Meteorological Committee: I General Atlas xiii + 101 pp., 174 pls.; II Atlas of Tropical Clouds, 26 pp., 25 pls., Paris, 1932; and to R. Süring, Die Wolken, xi + 122 pp., 11 figs., 4 pls., Leipzig, 1936. (Rev. in B. A. M. S., Feb. 1939, p. 63–66.)

A synopsis of this article will be printed in Spanish at the end of the final installment.

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