This year marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the scientific study of forest meteorology: the year 1873 marked the publication of Ebermayer's monograph, Die Physikalischen Einwirkungen des Waldes auf Luft und Boden. The state of knowledge from that time until 1957 when the first AMS Workshop on Agricultural Meteorology was held is reviewed.

In assessing the future of forest meteorology, a number of important questions must be answered. Who needs it and how can it be used? How can knowledge of forest meteorology be used for predictive purposes by the forester and ecologist? What are the most promising directions for forest meteorology research to take in the decade ahead? What are the major unsolved problems?

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1 Keynote address, Session on Micrometeorology in Forests, 11th Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 8–10 January 1973, Durham, N. C.