Dr. P. A. Moltchanov, Director of the Central Geophysical Observatory at Leningrad, and inventor of the radiometeorograph system which bears his name1), published two papers in Russian in 1936 detailing the results of some of his work with radiometeorographs. In Meteorologia i Hydrologia, 1936, No. 2,2) he describes his latest model with schematic diagram) that has some improvements over the one described in the Bulletin in 19353), and discusses the accuracy of the values derived from the meteorographs in use by him. Although this paper has been translated for us we regret it is too long to reproduce here. In the Bulletin of the Arctic Institute, Leningrad, No. 6, 1936, pp. 234–274 (very brief Engl. abstr. on p. 274) Moltchanov has published another paper which is of greater general interest. It includes a brief summary of the above mentioned paper on the accuracy of his radiosondes, but deals chiefly with a summary of the hundreds of routine soundings made in the Arctic and at Sloutzk over six years and is the first comprehensive discussion of the structure of the free atmosphere based solely on a sufficient number of radiometeorograph soundings, though several studies of very limited numbers of soundings had previously been published4). The following is a condensed free version of this paper, based on Mr. I. I. Schell's translation and abstract.—R. G. Stone.

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4) See bibliogr. in ref. footnote 3 supra; Cf also the paper recently published on results of 32 soundings at Boston, Mo. Wea. Rev., June, 1937, p. 219–228.