The following short paper was read by Dr. Baur at the Edinburgh Meeting of the Meteorology Association of the International Geodetic and Geophysical Union in July 1936; it gives his views on two of the Themes (A and B) on the Agenda of the meeting (see Bulletin, Feb., 1936, p. 53–4). Dr. C. F. Brooks and Mr. I. I. Schell have rendered the translation from the original German MS, loaned us by Mr. R. H. Weightman of the U. S. Weather Bureau, Washington. Appended to the article are some abstracts and comments on Dr. Baur's paper on the importance of the stratosphere in the broad-weather situations in Western Europe published in 1936 (Met. Zts., p. 237) which shows the same ideas used in application to long-range (10-day) forecasting. We print the article with the kind permission of Dr. Baur. See also Dr. Baur's latest paper in Met Zts., Dec. 1937.

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