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*From a Ph.D. thesis, “Native Economy of Southwestern Guatemala and its Natural Background”, Part I, Elements of the Physical Landscape, section on weather and climate, pp. 37–51. University of California 1940.

Field Observations summarized in this article were made possible through the aid of the following institutions: Carnegie Institution of Washington and Clark Univ., Jan.–May, 1932; Social Science Research Council (Pre-Doctoral Fellowship) Nov. 1935–Nov. 1936 ; National Research Council (Fellowship), supplemented by Ohio State Univ., Pan American Airways, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington, Nov. 1940–March 1941.

The manuscript was critically read by Prof. J. B. Leighly of the University of California, for whose helpful suggestions the author wishes to express his appreciation.

The Blue Hill Observatory of Harvard University very kindly furnished some instruments and forms which facilitated the taking of weather observations in the field.

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Article PDF first page preview