References cited in ten volumes (1944–1953) of the Journal of Meteorology and the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society were analyzed for country and year of publication of the references. American and British authors are found to have remarkably similar referencing patterns. Both rely primarily on the literature of their own nation and on quite recent literature. They rely to almost the same extent on the literature of various foreign nations, and both display very little utilization of the available Soviet publications.

A proposal is made for annual publication of a survey of significant advances in Soviet meteorology.

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* The basic data were gathered by the students in the author's one semester-hour graduate course in Research Methodology during the spring of 1954. The students were: Lt. Kajit Buajitti, R.T.N.; Paulo S. Castillo, Jr.; Capt. Richard Clancy, U.S.A.F.; Capt. Nick DiGiglio, U.S.A.F.; Capt. Frederick Eckmann, U.S.A.F.; Capt. William G. French, U.S.A.F.; Howard H. Hanks; Robert M. Henry; Lt. Milton Sipple, U.S.A.F.; and V.V.R. Varadachari.