From the inception of the Meteorological Rocket Network, the Meteorological Working Group of IRIG has been a convenient mechanism for coordinating the Network activities of the several participants. Upper atmospheric observation activities of the contributing agencies and projects have thus been coordinated to form the first synoptic-type study of the atmospheric region accessible only by rocket observation techniques. The Meteorological Rocket Network Committee (MRNC) has served as a forum for planning of studies, assimilating data on new developments in rocket vehicles, telemetry and sensing systems, and the distribution of the resulting data. The progress of the growing Meteorological Network is charted to date, and several of the applications of the resultant data are indicated. The impact of the Meteorological Rocket Network on the meteorological profession is discussed.

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1 The Meteorological Rocket Network Committee, Meteorological Working Group, Inter-Range Instrumentation Group: Webb, Chairman, U. S. Army Electronics Research and Development Activity; Christensen, U. S. Air Force, Air Weather Service; Varner, U. S. Navy, Naval Weather Service; Spurling, National Aeronautics and Space Administration.