The development of aircraft weather reconnaissance techniques provided a method of obtaining meteorological data, especially from remote or data sparse regions, with a density of observations that would not be practicable using surface-based procedures. Similar capabilities have recently become available from a second type of platform—the meteorological satellite. Nevertheless, the advent of the meteorological satellite does not foreshadow the obsolescence of the weather reconnaissance aircraft. Rather, both the satellite and the aircraft have their own strengths and limitations; together, they provide a complementary capability for obtaining data of significance for both operational and research purposes.

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1 Presented at the Symposium on the Collection of Meteorological Data from Aircraft, 197th National Meeting, American Meteorological Society, Tallahassee, Fla.

2 Present Affiliation: ARACON Geophysics Company, Allied Research Associates, Inc., Concord, Mass., who have graciously provided time and service assistance for the revision of the originally submitted manuscript.