A hybrid analog-digital computer has been established in the Department of Meteorology and Oceanography of the University of Michigan. It comprises three medium size analog computers, a small, general purpose digital computer, and an analog/digital linkage so that all of the computers can be operated together as a hybrid system.

The primary functions of the computer are acquisition and reduction of field data and research in meteorological simulation. It is capable of accepting data acquired on-line from local instruments, or recorded in the field on analog magnetic tape, digital magnetic tape or punched paper tape. These data can then be processed in either analog or digital form or transmitted to a large digital computer via magnetic tape.

The analog computers are versatile and of sufficient capacity to be useful for many analog data processing tasks as well as for simulation of atmospheric models such as those used in the study of diffusion and micrometeorology.

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1 Publication No. 124 from the Department of Meteorology and Oceanography, The University of Michigan. Computer facility established under Grant GP-805 from the National Science Foundation.