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Editor's note: The above session, part of the 136th Annual Meeting of the AAAS, 26–31 December 1969 in Boston, was arranged by the AMS as part of its Golden Anniversary celebration. The speech, Looking Ahead, by Prof. Verner E. Suomi of the University of Wisconsin, will be published in a later issue. Long term members of the Society will remember that the AMS was founded at an AAAS meeting in St. Louis in December 1919. We are publishing the papers presented at the Boston meeting for those members who were unable to attend.

The Presidential Address, Problems and Opportunities in the Atmospheric Sciences, by Dr. George S. Benton of the Johns Hopkins University, will be published in the May Bulletin.

1 Presented at the AMS-AAAS Meeting, 30 December 1969, Boston, Mass.

2 Read at the session by Prof. Phil Church, University of Washington, Seattle.

3 Consultant, Weather Bureau, ESSA, Washington, D. C.

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