On the basis of a review of the abstracts of articles published in the last 5 years or so a summary has been prepared of Soviet research activity in the field of radar meteorology. A wide spectrum of topics has been getting some study, but in recent years, Soviet scientists have been giving particular attention to the following areas of research: calculations of the scattering and attenuation cross sections of various hydrometeors; the use of Doppler radar to study the turbulent properties of the atmosphere; the development of procedures by which the characteristics of radar echoes can be used to identify cloud and hydrometeor types, with particular emphasis on the discrimination of severe thunderstorms from other precipitating cloud systems; the detection and measurement of hail; and the measurement of precipitation.

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1 This research, based mostly on abstracts of the articles listed in the reference section of this report, was supported by the Atmospheric Sciences Section of the National Science Foundation under Grant GA-13949.