Currently available diagnostic studies on kinetic energy balance in the general circulation are reviewed as one of the basic scientific problems in GARP.

The kinetic energy equation and several different approaches in the evaluation of energy variables are discussed in relation to real and modeled atmospheric data. Energy balance problems in the middle latitudes are examined in terms of linkages between processes from energy conversion to dissipation, balance within various systems of circulation, and interactions with sub-synoptic scale disturbances. The kinetic energy budget in large-scale disturbances and the general flow of the tropical circulation are contrasted with those in the middle latitudes.

By clarifying the current essential problems in the energetics of the middle latitudes and tropics, ongoing diagnostic studies at the University of Missouri—Columbia and Purdue University are identified in the context of the GARP.

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1 Contribution from the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station. Journal Series No. 6863.