The purpose of this article is to present an educational program in meteorology at the two-year college level, both as a topic of general interest to meteorologists and as a model for similar programs. The Dallas County Community College District is described briefly with reference to size and programs. The aviation programs of Mountain View College are listed, the only district campus having such programs. The purpose of each of two meteorology courses is discussed, each course being originally designed to support the pilot technology program but also appropriate for all aviation students and those students desiring direct transfer credit in meteorology or elective credit.

Each course is described. Pilot Technology 237–Meteorology consists of basic meteorology on an elementary descriptive level. Pilot Technology 238–Weather Analysis and Forecasting, as proposed, is a follow-up course and necessarily more analytical than the first course. Mathematical manipulations are not required, but rather an understanding of equations and analogies concerning such topics as horizontal motion and vorticity. Actual experience is gained in analysis and forecasting in a laboratory setting with National Weather Service charts and data. It is concluded that meteorology can and should be taught in the two-year college.

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