Over six years of data from the earth-radiation-budget (ERB) experiment on board the Nimbus-7 spacecraft have been received to date. Five years of data have been archived and are readily available to the scientific community, while the sixth year's data will be archived by the fall of 1985. There are three complementary, but independent, data sets: earth-radiation-budget data, solar-irradiance data, and shortwave- and longwave-radiance data suitable for bidirectional-reflectance studies. The solar and the wide-field-of-view earth-flux channels are still recording high-quality data, but the narrow-field-of-view scanner failed after 20 months. The condition of the three data sets is described. In addition, plans for data-set improvement are discussed and a simple algorithm to improve the wide-field-of-view data is presented.

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1 Space Data and Computing Division NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD 20771.

2 Research and Data Systems, Inc., Lanham, MD 20706.