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Dr. H. Taba's interview with AMS Executive Director Dr. Kenneth C. Spengler appeared in the April 1987 issue, Vol. 36, No. 2 of the WMO Bulletin. Dr. Thomas F. Malone (AMS Past President) arranged for the interview to be reproduced in the AMS Bulletin so that our readers and especially our members could learn more about Ken Spengler and the Society. Ken has been an integral force behind the AMS, its activities, and its headquarters . . . and we think he holds the record for length of service (42 years) as an executive director of a scientific/professional society. We hope that Ken will not be too surprised to see this article reprinted in “his” Bulletin.

The AMS gratefully acknowledges Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, G. O. P. Obasi, for granting permission to reproduce the interview. E. M.

1 World Meteorological Organization Bulletin, Geneva, Switzerland.

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