A recent example illustrating the use of the CSU–CHILL Doppler radar in a graduate-level course in radar meteorology at Colorado State University (CSU) is described. In addition to providing students in the Department of Atmospheric Science with “hands-on” experience in the operation of a multiparameter Doppler radar, the data collected by this radar provided a unique opportunity to conduct case-study analyses for a variety of weather situations that occurred in northeastern Colorado. A total of six case studies were analyzed by the students in the class, and ranged from the study of a mesocyclone in a tornadic storm to snowbands in a winter cyclone. The case studies were presented by student groups in the format of a “miniconference” held during the final exam period for this class. Several of the case studies are described herein. The data collected in each of these case studies is available to the atmospheric sciences community as part of a “case-study archive” maintained at the CSU–CHILL radar facility.

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