In order to support NEXRAD program requirements, WSR-88D systems have the capability to record data and products at four levels. Of these, level II (base data) and level III (products) will be most commonly available for various applications by a wide range of users. This paper overviews the data-recording capabilities of the WSR-88D system, plans for recording and archiving these data, and some uses for these data.

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Editor's note: This paper precedes two upcoming papers in the Bulletin that will provide additional background on the WSR-88D. In the July issue, the paper, “A Description of the Initial Set of Analysis Products Available from the N EX RAD WSR-88D System, “by Klazura and I my provides a description and examples of many of the WSR-88D displays and meteorological algorithm products. In the September issue, the paper, “The WSR-88D and the WSR-88D Operational Support Facility,” by Crum and Alberty provides a more complete summary of the NEXRAD program and the WSR-88D system.

*U.S. Air Force, Headquarters Air Weather Service, Operating Location K, Norman, Oklahoma

+WSR-88D Operational Support Facility, Norman, Oklahoma