A database for study of the impact of Doppler wind lidar data on numerical weather prediction in Observation System Simulation Experiments was created. Five Doppler wind lidar scenarios, TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder, Advanced TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder, Advanced Scatterometer, and all conventional observation types with a realistic distribution in time and space have been successfully simulated. A 30-day run of the ECMWF forecast model was used as a physically sound reference state. This “true” atmospheric state was sampled at the observation positions and times. The simulated true variables were mapped onto the “measured” variables, and a mix of random and gross errors with realistic statistical characteristics was added. The simulated observations were validated by comparison with existing data where available.

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*Current affiliation: Méteó-France, Toulouse, France.

+Current affiliation: KNMI, De Bilt, the Netherlands.