For the past five years, the Outreach Program, under the Cooperative Program for Operational Meteorology, Education and Training, has been fostering partnerships in applied forecasting research conducted by university faculty and operational forecasters. Over 100 research projects have received financial support. In addition, the Outreach Program has sponsored regional workshops and symposiums to provide forums for discussing Outreach Program results, as well as broader issues related to the new data becoming available through the modernization of the nation's weather services. The program has also recently created a fellowship program for outstanding graduate and postdoctoral students. These activities are not only improving forecasts, they are also providing benefits in meteorology education and a model for broader collaborations that advance the understanding of mesoscale meteorology.

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*University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, COMET/Outreach Program, Boulder, Colorado.

+Office of Meteorology, National Weather Service, Silver Spring, Maryland.