The Fourth International Winds Workshop (IWW4) was held in Saanenmoeser, Switzerland, from 20 to 23 October 1998. The workshop was organized by the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites, and the World Meteorological Organization was the local host. IWW4 followed previous meetings convened in Washington, D.C., in September 1991; Tokyo, Japan, in December 1993; and Ascona, Switzerland, in June 1996. The International Winds Workshop convenes the International Winds Working Group, which communicates with the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites on issues of importance regarding wind derivation from satellites. It provides a forum for data producers and users to share information on the characteristics of satellite-tracked winds and to optimize their use in several applications, especially numerical weather prediction. This report describes the proceedings of the Fourth International Winds Workshop and includes recommendations.

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*EUMETSAT, Darmstadt, Germany.

+World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

#NOAA/NESDIS, Madison, Wisconsin.