In the spring of 1999, the American Meteorological Society surveyed its membership in order to update demographic information on the Society and to gain a more detailed perspective on the workplace. The survey was sent out with the dues statement and was solicited on a separate form returned independently to protect privacy and maintain anonymity. The responses were captured in a newly employed, machine-readable format to provide an ease of statistical analysis and data compilation not available in prior survey analysis. This data collection and subsequent demographic analysis represents the first attempt to update information regarding the membership since the 1993 survey results were published by Zevin and Seitter. The format of the 1999 survey was designed to logically follow and expand upon the historical data of the membership collected at varying intervals since 1975.

The 1999 survey was broken into six parts. The sections on demographics, education, and current employment closely followed the previous surveys from 1993 and 1990 to facilitate direct comparisons between historical datasets whenever possible. The last three sections were reworked to elicit more declarative responses regarding personal circumstances, workplace circumstances, and additional issues concerning career choice and AMS membership, respectively. An additional space was provided for narrative comments regarding opportunities for women and minorities in the AMS-related sciences. Some 10 000 members were sent the 1999 dues statement and enclosed survey questionnaire. A total of 4669 members responded. The following is a detailed analysis of the data collected from the 1999 membership survey.

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*The Weather Channel, Atlanta, Georgia.

+NASA Goddard, Greenbelt, Maryland.

#Hurricane Research Division, AOML, Miami, Florida.

&Ladue Junior High School, St. Louis, Missouri.