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Volume 61, Issue 5

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The Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology (JAMC) publishes applied research on meteorology and climatology. Examples of meteorological research include topics such as weather modification, satellite meteorology, radar meteorology, boundary layer processes, physical meteorology, air pollution meteorology (including dispersion and chemical processes), agricultural and forest meteorology, mountain meteorology, and applied meteorological numerical models. Examples of climatological research include the use of climate information in impact assessments, dynamical and statistical downscaling, seasonal climate forecast applications and verification, climate risk and vulnerability, development of climate monitoring tools, and urban and local climates.

ISSN: 1558-8424; eISSN: 1558-8432

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David A. R. Kristovich, Illinois State Water Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

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2020 Journal Impact Factors in the Meteorology and Atmospheric Science category

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How Accurately Can Warm Rain Realistically Be Retrieved with Satellite Sensors? Part 1: DSD Uncertainties

Richard M. Schulte, Christian D. Kummerow, Christian Klepp, and Gerald G. Mace
Restricted access

A numerical study of downbursts using the BLASIUS model

Hongchao Liu, Qian Huang, Yan Chou, Hongying Tian, Yunshuai Zhang, Xixi Wu, Junxia Zhang, and Minzhong Wang
Restricted access

Meeting the Drought Information Needs of Midwest Perennial Specialty Crop Producers

Tonya R. Haigh, Jason A. Otkin, Molly Woloszyn, Dennis Todey, and Charlene Felkley
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Climate Dynamics Preceding Summer Forest Fires in California & the Extreme Case of 2018

Tess W.P. Jacobson, Richard Seager, A. Park Williams, and Naomi Henderson
Open access

Insured Corn Losses in the U.S. from Weather and Climate Perils

Logan R. Bundy, Vittorio A. Gensini, and Mark S. Russo
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Mapping an observation-based global solar irradiance climatology across the conterminous United States

David E. Rupp, Christopher Daly, Matt K. Doggett, Joseph I. Smith, and Ben Steinberg
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Statistical calibration of long-term reanalysis data for Australian fire weather conditions

Soubhik Biswas, Savin S. Chand, Andrew J. Dowdy, Wendy Wright, Cameron Foale, Xiaohui Zhao, and Anil Deo
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Improving estimates of U.S. tornado frequency by accounting for unreported and underrated tornadoes

Corey K. Potvin, Chris Broyles, Patrick S. Skinner, and Harold E. Brooks
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New York State Hurricane Hazard: History and Future Projections

Chia-Ying Lee, Adam H. Sobel, Suzana J. Camargo, Michael K. Tippett, and Qidong Yang
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High Ice Water Content Conditions Associated with Wintertime Elevated Convection in the Midwest

Allyson Rugg, Ben C. Bernstein, Julie A. Haggerty, Alexei Korolev, Cuong Nguyen, Mengistu Wolde, Ivan Heckman, and Stephanie DiVito
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Cold pools observed during EUREC4A: detection and characterization from atmospheric soundings

Ludovic Touzé-Peiffer, Raphaela Vogel, and Nicolas Rochetin
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Assessing heavy precipitation risk associated with tropical cyclones in China

Yilong Niu, Danielle Touma, Mingfang Ting, Suzana J. Camargo, and Ruishan Chen
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Extreme rainfall indices prediction with atmospheric parameters and ocean-atmospheric teleconnections using Random Forest model

Md. Jalal Uddin, Yubin Li, Md. Yahya Tamim, Md. Babul Miah, and S.M. Shahriar Ahmed
Open access

Improved representation of horizontal variability and turbulence in mesoscale simulations of an extended cold-air pool event

Robert S. Arthur, Timothy W. Juliano, Bianca Adler, Raghavendra Krishnamurthy, Julie K. Lundquist, Branko Kosović, and Pedro A. Jiménez
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Climatic change of summer rainstorms and the water vapor budget in the Sichuan Basin

Dongmei Qi, Yueqing Li, Changyan Zhou, and Dan Chen
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Large Eddy and Flight Simulations of a Clear Air Turbulence Event Over Tokyo on 16 December 2014

R. Yoshimura, K. Suzuki, J, Ito, R. Kikuchi, A. Yakeno, and S. Obayashi
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Development and testing of an advanced hydrometeor-phase algorithm to meet emerging needs in the aviation sector

Heather Dawn Reeves, Nathan Lis, Guifu Zhang, and Andrew A. Rosenow
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ERA5 derived precipitation: Insights from historical rainfall networks in southern Africa

Deon Terblanche, Amanda Lynch, Zihan Chen, and Scott Sinclair

Most cited articles since 1990:

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ClimateWNA—High-Resolution Spatial Climate Data for Western North America

Tongli Wang, Andreas Hamann, David L. Spittlehouse, and Trevor Q. Murdock
Full access
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A Global Land Cover Climatology Using MODIS Data

Patrick D. Broxton, Xubin Zeng, Damien Sulla-Menashe, and Peter A. Troch
Full access

Improved Historical Temperature and Precipitation Time Series for U.S. Climate Divisions

Russell S. Vose, Scott Applequist, Mike Squires, Imke Durre, Matthew J. Menne, Claude N. Williams Jr., Chris Fenimore, Karin Gleason, and Derek Arndt
Full access

Urban Modification of Thunderstorms: An Observational Storm Climatology and Model Case Study for the Indianapolis Urban Region

Dev Niyogi, Patrick Pyle, Ming Lei, S. Pal Arya, Chandra M. Kishtawal, Marshall Shepherd, Fei Chen, and Brian Wolfe

Most read articles since December 2020:

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Urban Warming

G. Kukla, J. Gavin, and T. R. Karl
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The International Urban Energy Balance Models Comparison Project: First Results from Phase 1

C. S. B. Grimmond, M. Blackett, M. J. Best, J. Barlow, J-J. Baik, S. E. Belcher, S. I. Bohnenstengel, I. Calmet, F. Chen, A. Dandou, K. Fortuniak, M. L. Gouvea, R. Hamdi, M. Hendry, T. Kawai, Y. Kawamoto, H. Kondo, E. S. Krayenhoff, S-H. Lee, T. Loridan, A. Martilli, V. Masson, S. Miao, K. Oleson, G. Pigeon, A. Porson, Y-H. Ryu, F. Salamanca, L. Shashua-Bar, G-J. Steeneveld, M. Tombrou, J. Voogt, D. Young, and N. Zhang

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