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Volume 14, Issue 3

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Weather, Climate, and Society (WCAS) publishes research and reviews that address economics, policy analysis, political science, history, communication, and institutional, social, health, and behavioral scholarship and research relating to weather and climate, including both climate variability and longer-term climate change. Contributions must include evidence-based analysis and substantive discussion of the interactions of weather and climate with society, taking an integrated approach, drawing on both the social and physical sciences.

Since many authors of WCAS papers are from social science disciplines, for which funding is generally more limited than in the physical sciences, the AMS Council has eliminated page charges for this journal.

ISSN: 1948-8327; elSSN: 1948-8335

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Henry Huntington, Huntington Consulting

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The Creation of a Research Television Studio to Test Probabilistic Hazard Information with Broadcast Meteorologists in NOAA’s Hazardous Weather Testbed

Holly B. Obermeier, Kodi L. Berry, Kimberly E. Klockow-McClain, Adrian Campbell, Caroline Carithers, Alan Gerard, and Joseph E. Trujillo-Falcón
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Understanding the Role of Rainfall Intensity on Relative Car Crash Risk in the Carolinas

Montana A. Eck, Charles E. Konrad, Sandra Rayne, and Alan W. Black
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Spatiotemporal variations in Shanghai metro commuting flows during rainfall events

Sheng Huang, Weijiang Li, Jiahong Wen, Mengru Zhu, Yao Lu, and Na Wu
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Causal Chains Linking Weather Hazards to Disasters in Somalia

Tatiana Gumucio, Helen Greatrex, and Erin Lentz
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Climate Autobiography Timeline: Adapting Timeline Research Methods to the Study of Climate Perceptions

Olivia Vilá, Joel Finnis, Marilyn Koitnurm, Mark C.J. Stoddart, and Atanu Sarkar
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Climate Change Impact Chains: A Review of Applications, Challenges, and Opportunities for Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Linda Menk, Stefano Terzi, Marc Zebisch, Erich Rome, Daniel Lückerath, Katharina Milde, and Stefan Kienberger
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Creating A Communication Framework for FACETs: How Probabilistic Hazard Information Affected Warning Operations in NOAA’s Hazardous Weather Testbed

Joseph E. Trujillo-Falcón, Justin Reedy, Kimberly E. Klockow-McClain, Kodi L. Berry, Gregory J. Stumpf, Alyssa V. Bates, and James G. LaDue
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Weather Conditions and Messaging associated with Fatal Winter-Weather-Related Motor-Vehicle Crashes

Dana M. Tobin, Heather D. Reeves, Maci N. Gibson, and Andrew A. Rosenow
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Effects of weather conditions on the public demand for weather information via smartphone in multiple regions of China

Yuyao Cao, Qinghong Zhang, Juanzhen Sun, Rumeng Li, Yaohai Huang, Jing Zhuang, Jun Xu, and Yun Chen
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Economic Viability and Emissions of Multi-modal Transportation Infrastructure in a Changing Arctic

Michael A. Goldstein, Amanda H. Lynch, Ruitian Yan, Siri Veland, and William Talleri

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Moving toward the Deliberate Coproduction of Climate Science Knowledge

Alison M. Meadow, Daniel B. Ferguson, Zack Guido, Alexandra Horangic, Gigi Owen, and Tamara Wall
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Developing Evaluation Indicators to Improve the Process of Coproducing Usable Climate Science

Tamara U. Wall, Alison M. Meadow, and Alexandra Horganic
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Weather, Climate, and Worldviews: The Sources and Consequences of Public Perceptions of Changes in Local Weather Patterns

Kevin Goebbert, Hank C. Jenkins-Smith, Kim Klockow, Matthew C. Nowlin, and Carol L. Silva
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Moving Climate Information off the Shelf: Boundary Chains and the Role of RISAs as Adaptive Organizations

Maria Carmen Lemos, Christine J. Kirchhoff, Scott E. Kalafatis, Donald Scavia, and Richard B. Rood

Most read articles since December 2020:

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Assessment of NWS County Warning Area Tornado Risk, Exposure, and Vulnerability

Stephen M. Strader, Alex M. Haberlie, and Alexandra G. Loitz
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