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Volume 38, Issue 4

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The Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology (JTECH) publishes research describing instrumentation and methods used in atmospheric and oceanic research, including remote sensing instruments; measurements, validation, and data analysis techniques from satellites, aircraft, balloons, and surface-based platforms; in situ instruments, measurements, and methods for data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation and assimilation in numerical models; and information systems and algorithms.

ISSN: 0739-0572; eISSN: 1520-0426

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Luca Baldini, Italian National Research Council

William J. Emery, University of Colorado Boulder

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Open access

Deep-learning-based precipitation observation quality control

Yingkai Sha, David John Gagne II, Gregory West, and Roland Stull
Restricted access

State estimates and forecasts of the eddy field in the Subtropical Countercurrent in the Northern Philippine Sea

Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Bruce D. Cornuelle, Matthew R. Mazloff, Peter F. Worcester, and Matthew A. Dzieciuch
Restricted access

The NASA/GSFC 94 GHz Airborne Solid State Cloud Radar System (CRS)

Matthew L. Walker McLinden, Lihua Li, Gerald M. Heymsfield, Michael Coon, and Amber Emory
Restricted access
Restricted access

Calibration and retrieval of aerosol optical properties measured with Coherent Doppler Lidar

Guangyao Dai, Xiaoye Wang, Kangwen Sun, Songhua Wu, Xiaoquan Song, Rongzhong Li, Jiaping Yin, and Xitao Wang
Restricted access

Estimating the travel time and the most likely path from Lagrangian drifters

Michael O’Malley, Adam M. Sykulski, Romuald Laso-Jadart, and Mohammed-Amin Madoui
Restricted access

Effect of drag coefficient parameterizations on air-sea coupled simulations: a case study for typhoons Haima and Nida in 2016

Xingru Feng, Junchuan Sun, Dezhou Yang, Baoshu Yin, Guandong Gao, and Weiqi Wan
Restricted access

Tracking Smoke from a Prescribed Fire and its Impacts on Local Air Quality using Temporally Resolved GOES-16 ABI Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD)

Amy K. Huff, Shobha Kondragunta, Hai Zhang, Istvan Laszlo, Mi Zhou, Vanessa Caicedo, Ruben Delgado, and Robert Levy
Restricted access

Using Drifter Velocity Measurements to Assess and Constrain Coarse-Resolution Ocean Models

Mengnan Zhao, Rui M. Ponte, Ou Wang, and Rick Lumpkin
Restricted access

Analyzing the Diurnal Cycle by Bayesian Interpolation on a Sphere for Mapping GNSS Radio Occultation Data

Stephen S. Leroy, Chi O. Ao, Olga P. Verkhoglyadova, and Mayra I. Oyola
Restricted access

In-situ measurements of wind and turbulence by a motor glider in the Andes

Norman Wildmann, Ramona Eckert, Andreas Dörnbrack, Sonja Gisinger, Markus Rapp, Klaus Ohlmann, and Annelize van Niekerk
Restricted access

Ocean Tides Near Hawaii from Satellite Altimeter Data I

Minjie Xu, Yuzhe Wang, Shuya Wang, Xianqing Lv, and Xu Chen
Restricted access

Middle-Atmosphere Temperature Monitoring Addressed with a Constellation of Cube-Sats dedicated to Climate issues

Philippe Keckhut, Alain Hauchecorne, Mustapha Meftah, Sergey Khaykin, Chantal Claud, and Pierre Simoneau
Restricted access

Examining the Influence of Recording System on the Pure Temperature Error in XBT Data

Zhetao Tan, Franco Reseghetti, John Abraham, Rebecca Cowley, Keyi Chen, Jiang Zhu, Bin Zhang, and Lijing Cheng
Restricted access

Compact Polarimetry Synthetic Aperture Radar Ocean Wind Retrieval: Model Development and Validation

Biao Zhang, Yiru Lu, William Perrie, Guosheng Zhang, and Alexis Mouche
Restricted access

Assessing Sensitivity of MERRA-2 to AMSU-A in the Upper Stratosphere

Mohar Chattopadhyay, Will McCarty, and Isaac Moradi
Restricted access

Changes in TOA SW Fluxes over Marine Clouds When Estimated via Semi-Physical Angular Distribution Models

F. Tornow, C. Domenech, J. N. S. Cole, N. Madenach, and J. Fischer
Restricted access

Modular, flexible, low-cost microstructure measurements: the Epsilometer

Arnaud Le Boyer, Matthew H. Alford, Nicole Couto, Michael Goldin, Sean Lastuka, Sara Goheen, San Nguyen, Andrew J. Lucas, and Tyler D. Hennon
Restricted access
Restricted access

Quantifying flow speeds by using microstructure shear and temperature spectral analysis

Shuang-Xi Guo, Xian-Rong Cen, Ling Qu, Yuan-Zheng Lu, Peng-Qi Huang, and Sheng-Qi Zhou
Restricted access

Advances in the Ocean Color component of the Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET-OC)

Giuseppe Zibordi, Brent N. Holben, Marco Talone, Davide D’Alimonte, Ilya Slutsker, David M. Giles, and Mikhail G. Sorokin
Restricted access

Data validation and mesoscale assimilation of Himawari-8 optimal cloud analysis products

Michiko Otsuka, Hiromu Seko, Masahiro Hayashi, and Ko Koizumi
Restricted access

Phase Codes for Mitigating Ambiguities in Range and Velocity

Dusan Zrnic and David Schvartzman
Full access
Full access

The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) Sensor Package

Christian Kummerow, William Barnes, Toshiaki Kozu, James Shiue, and Joanne Simpson
Full access

Overview of the CALIPSO Mission and CALIOP Data Processing Algorithms

David M. Winker, Mark A. Vaughan, Ali Omar, Yongxiang Hu, Kathleen A. Powell, Zhaoyan Liu, William H. Hunt, and Stuart A. Young

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