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Volume 36, Issue 1

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Weather and Forecasting (WAF) publishes research that is relevant to operational forecasting. This includes papers on significant weather events, forecasting techniques, forecast verification, model parameterizations, data assimilation, model ensembles, statistical postprocessing techniques, the transfer of research results to the forecasting community, and the societal use and value of forecasts. The scope of WAF includes research relevant to forecast lead times ranging from short-term “nowcasts” through seasonal time scales out to approximately two years.

ISSN: 0002-8156; elSSN: 1520-0434

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Gary Lackmann, North Carolina State University

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A Revised Bourgouin Precipitation-Type Algorithm

Kevin Birk, Eric Lenning, Kevin Donofrio, and Matt Friedlein
Restricted access
Restricted access

Verifying and Redefining the Weather Prediction Center’s Excessive Rainfall Outlook Forecast Product

Michael J. Erickson, Benjamin Albright, and James A. Nelson
Restricted access
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Development and Calibration of Seasonal Probabilistic Forecasts of Ice-free Dates and Freeze-up Dates

Arlan Dirkson, Bertrand Denis, Michael Sigmond, and William J. Merryfield
Restricted access

Sub-seasonal precipitation prediction for Africa: Forecast evaluation and sources of predictability

Felipe M. de Andrade, Matthew P. Young, David MacLeod, Linda C. Hirons, Steven J. Woolnough, and Emily Black
Restricted access

Subseasonal prediction performance for austral summer South American rainfall

Nicholas P. Klingaman, Matthew Young, Amulya Chevuturi, Bruno Guimaraes, Liang Guo, Steven J. Woolnough, Caio A. S. Coelho, Paulo Y. Kubota, and Christopher E. Holloway
Restricted access

Improving predictions of surface air temperature anomalies over Japan by Selective Ensemble Mean technique

J. V. Ratnam, Takeshi Doi, Yushi Morioka, Pascal Oettli, Masami Nonaka, and Swadhin K. Behera
Restricted access

ARPEGE Cloud Cover Forecast Post-Processing with Convolutional Neural Network

Florian Dupuy, Olivier Mestre, Mathieu Serrurier, Valentin Kivachuk Burdá, Michaël Zamo, Naty Citlali Cabrera-Gutiérrez, Mohamed Chafik Bakkay, Maud-Alix Mader, Guillaume Oller, and Jean-Christophe Jouhaud
Restricted access

Real-time identification of equatorial waves and evaluation of waves in global forecasts

Gui-Ying Yang, Samantha Ferrett, Steve Woolnough, John Methven, and Chris Holloway
Open access

A simulated radar reflectivity calculation method in numerical weather prediction models

Yuxiao Chen, Jing Chen, Dehui Chen, Zhizhen Xu, Jie Sheng, and Fajing Chen
Restricted access

Dynamical–Statistical Prediction of Week-2 Severe Weather for the United States

Hui Wang, Arun Kumar, Alima Diawara, David DeWitt, and Jon Gottschalck
Restricted access

Severe Convective Windstorms in Europe: Climatology, Preconvective Environments, and Convective Mode

George P. Pacey, David M. Schultz, and Luis Garcia-Carreras
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Subseasonal deterministic prediction skill of low-level geopotential height affecting southern Africa

Christien J. Engelbrecht, Steven Phakula, Willem A. Landman, and Francois A. Engelbrecht
Restricted access

Classification of Precipitation Type in North China using Model-based Explicit Fields of Hydrometeors with Modified Thermodynamic Conditions

Lu Yang, Mingxuan Chen, Xiaoli Wang, Linye Song, Meilin Yang, Rui Qin, Conglan Cheng, and Siteng Li
Restricted access
Restricted access

Exploring Convection-Allowing Model Evaluation Strategies for Severe Local Storms using the Finite-Volume Cubed-Sphere (FV3) Model Core

Burkely T. Gallo, Jamie K. Wolff, Adam J. Clark, Israel Jirak, Lindsay R. Blank, Brett Roberts, Yunheng Wang, Chunxi Zhang, Ming Xue, Tim Supinie, Lucas Harris, Linjiong Zhou, and Curtis Alexander
Restricted access
Restricted access

Subseasonal prediction with and without a well-represented stratosphere in CESM1

Jadwiga H. Richter, Kathy Pegion, Lantao Sun, Hyemi Kim, Julie M. Caron, Anne Glanville, Emerson LaJoie, Stephen Yeager, Who M. Kim, Ahmed Tawfik, and Dan Collins
Restricted access

A deep-learning model for automated detection of intense mid-latitude convection using geostationary satellite images

John L. Cintineo, Michael J. Pavolonis, Justin M. Sieglaff, Anthony Wimmers, Jason Brunner, and Willard Bellon
Restricted access

WSR-88D Tornado Intensity Estimates. Part II: Real-Time Applications to Tornado Warning Timescales

Bryan T. Smith, Richard L. Thompson, Douglas A. Speheger, Andrew R. Dean, Christopher D. Karstens, and Alexandra K. Anderson-Frey
Restricted access

Updraft-based adaptive assimilation of radial velocity observations in a Warn-on-Forecast system

Christopher A. Kerr, Louis J. Wicker, and Patrick S. Skinner
Full access

AROME-MetCoOp: A Nordic Convective-Scale Operational Weather Prediction Model

Malte Müller, Mariken Homleid, Karl-Ivar Ivarsson, Morten A. Ø. Køltzow, Magnus Lindskog, Knut Helge Midtbø, Ulf Andrae, Trygve Aspelien, Lars Berggren, Dag Bjørge, Per Dahlgren, Jørn Kristiansen, Roger Randriamampianina, Martin Ridal, and Ole Vignes
Full access

Track Uncertainty in High-Resolution HWRF Ensemble Forecasts of Hurricane Joaquin

Ghassan J. Alaka Jr., Xuejin Zhang, Sundararaman G. Gopalakrishnan, Zhan Zhang, Frank D. Marks, and Robert Atlas
Full access

Performance of the New NCEP Global Ensemble Forecast System in a Parallel Experiment

Xiaqiong Zhou, Yuejian Zhu, Dingchen Hou, Yan Luo, Jiayi Peng, and Richard Wobus
Full access

Storm Surge Ensemble Prediction for the City of Venice

Riccardo Mel and Piero Lionello

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