A new vector partition of the probability, or Brier, score (PS) is formulated and the nature and properties of this partition are described. The relationships between the terms in this partition and the terms in the original vector partition of the PS are indicated. The new partition consists of three terms: 1) a measure of the uncertainty inherent in the events, or states, on the occasions of concern (namely, the PS for the sample relative frequencies); 2) a measure of the reliability of the forecasts; and 3) a new measure of the resolution of the forecasts. These measures of reliability and resolution are and are not, respectively, equivalent (i.e., linearly related) to the measures of reliability and resolution provided by the original partition. Two sample collections of probability forecasts are used to illustrate the differences and relationships between these partitions. Finally, the two partitions are compared, with particular reference to the attributes of the forecasts with which the partitions are concerned, the interpretation of the partitions in geometric terms, and the use of the partitions as the bases for the formulation of measures to evaluate probability forecasts. The results of these comparisons indicate that the new partition offers certain advantages vis-à-vis the original partition.

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