Electrical and microphysical measurements were made in warm maritime and inland cumulus clouds, before and after seeding, by repeated aircraft penetrations at a single level, a few hundred meters above cloud base. Such measurements were also made in non-seeded clouds by single penetrations during transient flights.

The electric field initially was negative in the maritime clouds which developed rain. In the cloud case which dissipated without rain it was initially positive. The field showed sign reversal with time, occasionally preceded by intensification, in all maritime clouds. The field initially was positive in inland clouds. It showed no time variation except in one cloud case where both positive and negative fields were recorded during the period of heavy rain.

The droplet charge, droplet median volume diameter and liquid water content showed no marked time variation in either maritime or inland clouds. However, in the cloud case which developed heavy rain marked increases in droplet median volume diameter and liquid water content were recorded.

The time variations of electrical and microphysical parameters following seeding are in general within the range of their natural variability.

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