In this study the examination of the role of the atmospheric circulation in the lower stratosphere in relation to the laminated structure of ozone in the subtropical atmosphere is attempted. This analysis is based on the vertical ozone profile data collected by balloon-borne sondes released at Athens, Greece (38°N, 24°E). From the 29 ozone soundings performed during the winter 1991/92 in the framework of both the European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Experiment (EASOE) and the Tropospheric Ozone Research (TOR), it is shown that the lamination phenomenon in ozone profiles, especially in the lower stratosphere, was very frequently present. Furthermore, a characteristic minimum of ozone partial pressure at the height region of 14–17 km has also been detected. The occurrence of the laminated ozone structure as well as the appearance of the characteristic ozone minimum, correlated with the general circulation, leads to the following results: (a) The laminated ozone profiles are associated with the north-northwest circulation in the lower stratosphere; and (b) the characteristic ozone minimum is related to the influence of the subtropical jet stream circulation.

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