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Multi-Scale Dynamics of Gravity Waves (MS-GWaves)


MS-GWaves is a research project funded 2014–2021 by the German Research Foundation DFG. The central goal is insight into the multi-scale dynamics of internal gravity waves of the atmosphere, with respect to their spatial, temporal and spectral distribution as well as to the corresponding physical processes. This is to lead to an improved representation of gravity waves in weather forecast and climate models, hence increasing the reliability of global weather and climate prediction. These goals are pursued by theory development, modeling, laboratory experiments, and field campaigns, using radar, lidar and airborne measurements. Models for gravity-wave excitation, propagation and dissipation are tested via process-resolving numerical modeling and measurements. Special attention is given to multi-scale interactions of gravity waves with turbulence, with the balanced flow, and of unresolved small-scale gravity waves with large-scale, resolved gravity waves. Both gravity-wave parameterization and global gravity-wave permitting and local gravity-wave resolving modeling is used to quantify and mitigate the uncertainties in the understanding of gravity-wave impacts on the atmospheric circulation, large-scale dynamical processes in the atmosphere, and climate change.

Collection organizers:
Ulrich Achatz and Aurelia Mueller, Institut fuer Atmosphaere und Umwelt, Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt

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Christoph Z├╝licke; Erich Becker; Vivien Matthias; Dieter H. W. Peters; Hauke Schmidt; Han-Li Liu; Laura de la Torre Ramos; Daniel M. Mitchell
Journal of Climate
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