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Research Article July 7 2020
Evaluating the suitability of century-long gridded meteorological datasets for hydrological modelling
Research Article July 6 2020
Quality Control and Processing of Cooperative Observer Program Hourly Precipitation Data
Research Article June 25 2020
Incorporation of Satellite Precipitation Uncertainty in a Landslide Hazard Nowcasting System
Research Article June 23 2020
Prediction of flash droughts over the United States
Research Article June 19 2020
High Resolution (2.5km) Ensemble Precipitation Analysis across Canada
Research Article June 18 2020
Calibrating hourly precipitation forecasts with daily observations
Research Article June 17 2020
Temporal up-scaling of rice evapotranspiration based on canopy resistance in a water-saving irrigated rice field
Research Article June 17 2020
Rainfall kinetic energy in Denmark: relationship with drop size, wind speed and rain rate
Research Article June 17 2020
Predicting rainy season onset in the Ethiopian Highlands for agricultural planning
Research Article June 15 2020
An Intercomparison Study of Algorithms for Downscaling SMAP Radiometer Soil Moisture Retrievals
Research Article June 12 2020
Improved Attenuation-based Radar Precipitation Estimation Considering the Azimuthal Variabilities of Microphysical Properties
Research Article June 12 2020
Comparison of floods driven by tropical cyclones and monsoons in the southeastern coastal region of China
Research Article June 9 2020
Streamflow Forecasting without Models
Research Article June 8 2020
Using a Simple Water Balance Framework to Quantify the Impact of Soil Moisture Initialization on Subseasonal Evapotranspiration and Air Temperature Forecasts
Research Article June 3 2020
Climatology of orographic precipitation gradients in the contiguous western United States
Research Article May 22 2020
Validation of Satellite and Ground Station-based High-Resolution Rainfall Gridded Datasets over the Philippines
Research Article May 8 2020
An event-based approach to explore selected present and future Atmospheric River induced floods in western Norway
Research Article April 23 2020
A Hybrid Precipitation Index Inspired by the SPI, PDSI and MCDI. Part 1: Development of the Index
Research Article March 19 2020
Increased drought risk in South Asia under warming climate: Implications of uncertainty in potential evapotranspiration estimates
Research Article February 7 2020
A Dual-polarization Radar Synthetic QPE for Operations
Research Article January 22 2020
Decadal-scale changes in the seasonal surface water balance of the central U.S. from 1984-2007
Research Article July 17 2017
Reply on Comment on "Regional impacts of irrigation in Mexico and southwestern U. S. on hydrometeorological fields in the North American Monsoon region", by Mahalov et al.(2016)
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