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Research Article October 23 2020
Regional Frequency Analysis at Ungauged Sites with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines.
Research Article October 23 2020
Evaluation of precipitation vertical profiles estimated by GPM-era satellite-based passive microwave retrievals
Research Article October 20 2020
Changing lateral boundary conditions for Probable Maximum Precipitation studies - A physically consistent approach
Research Article October 15 2020
Hydrometeorological Characteristics of Ice Jams on the Pemigewasset River in Central New Hampshire
Research Article October 12 2020
Sensitivity of US drought prediction skill to land initial states
Research Article October 12 2020
Assessment of extremes in global precipitation products: How reliable are they?
Research Article October 12 2020
It’s Raining Bits: patterns in directional precipitation persistence across the U.S.
Research Article October 12 2020
PERSIANN Dynamic Infrared-Rain Rate (PDIR-Now): A Near-real time, Quasi-Global Satellite Precipitation Dataset
Research Article October 9 2020
Evaluation of IMERG V05B 30-Minute Rainfall Estimates over the High Elevation Tropical Andes Mountains
Research Article October 5 2020
How well can land-surface models represent the diurnal cycle of turbulent heat fluxes?
Research Article October 1 2020
Object-Based Comparison of Data-Driven and Physics-Driven Satellite Estimates of Extreme Rainfall
Research Article September 28 2020
Spatial variability in seasonal snowpack trends across the Rio Grande headwaters (1984 – 2017)
Research Article September 23 2020
A strong linkage between seasonal crop growth and groundwater storage variability in India
Research Article September 23 2020
Reducing the Statistical Distribution Error in Gridded Precipitation Data for the Tibetan Plateau
Research Article September 18 2020
Evaluation of High-Resolution Precipitation Products over Southwest China
Research Article September 18 2020
The Observed Water Vapor Budget in an Atmospheric River over the Northeast Pacific
Research Article September 18 2020
Comparison of microphysical characteristics between southern Korea and Oklahoma using two-dimensional video disdrometer data
Research Article September 18 2020
Large-scale analysis of global gridded precipitation and temperature datasets for climate change impact studies
Research Article September 16 2020
Future Changes in the Hydrologic Cycle Associated with Flood-Producing Storms in California
Research Article September 11 2020
Triple Collocation Evaluation of In Situ Soil Moisture Observations from 1,200+ Stations as part of the U.S. National Soil Moisture Network
Research Article September 10 2020
New allometric equations for arctic shrubs and their application for calculating the albedo of surfaces with snow and protruding branches
Research Article September 9 2020
AMSR-E Snow: Can Snowfall Help Improve SWE Estimates?
Research Article September 9 2020
Can weather radars be used to estimate snow accumulation on alpine glaciers? - an evaluation based on glaciological surveys.
Research Article September 3 2020
Assessing The Impact of Changes in Land Surface Conditions on WRF Predictions in Arid Regions
Research Article August 28 2020
Improvements to lake-effect snow forecasts using a one-way air-lake model coupling approach
Research Article August 28 2020
Investigating the evaluation uncertainty for satellite precipitation estimates based on two different ground precipitation observation products
Research Article July 27 2020
Projected Changes of Precipitation Characteristics Depend on Downscaling Method and Training Data: MACA vs. LOCA using the U.S. Northeast as an Example
Research Article July 7 2020
Evaluating the suitability of century-long gridded meteorological datasets for hydrological modelling
Research Article March 19 2020
Increased drought risk in South Asia under warming climate: Implications of uncertainty in potential evapotranspiration estimates
Research Article July 17 2017
Reply on Comment on "Regional impacts of irrigation in Mexico and southwestern U. S. on hydrometeorological fields in the North American Monsoon region", by Mahalov et al.(2016)
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