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Research Article October 28 2020
Cancellation of deglacial thermosteric sea-level rise by a barosteric effect
Research Article October 26 2020
Formation of anticyclones above topographic depressions
Research Article October 23 2020
On Surf Zone Fluid Dynamics
Research Article October 19 2020
Disintegration of the K1 internal tide in the South China Sea due to parametric subharmonic instability
Research Article October 19 2020
Mixing of Subtropical, Central, and Intermediate Waters Driven by Shifting and Pulsing of the Agulhas Current
Research Article October 15 2020
Turbulence and Mixing in the Arctic Ocean’s Amundsen Gulf
Research Article October 12 2020
Large-aspect-ratio structures in simulated ocean surface boundary layer turbulence under a hurricane
Research Article October 12 2020
Wave-Current Interactions at Meso and Submesoscales: Insights from Idealized Numerical Simulations
Research Article October 8 2020
Experimental study on spatial variation of mass transport induced by surface waves generated in a finite-depth laboratory flume
Research Article October 7 2020
A pressure-invariant Neutral Density variable for the World’s Oceans
Research Article October 2 2020
Influence of river discharge and tides on the summertime discontinuity of Western Boundary Current in the Bay of Bengal
Research Article October 1 2020
The drag on the barotropic tide due to the generation of baroclinic motion
Research Article September 28 2020
The Western Alboran Gyre: an analysis of its properties and its exchange with surrounding water
Research Article September 23 2020
Anomalous Upper-Ocean Circulation of the Western Equatorial Pacific following El Niño Events
Research Article September 23 2020
The Impact of Meanders, Deepening and Broadening, and Seasonality on Agulhas Current Temperature Variability
Research Article September 21 2020
Transports and Net Fluxes of Surface Wave Energy and Momentum inside Tropical Cyclones: Spectrum Computation and Modeling
Research Article September 17 2020
Kinematic Structure and Dynamics of the Denmark Strait Overflow from Ship-based Observations
Research Article September 16 2020
The Poisson Link Between Internal Wave and Dissipation Scales in the Thermocline Part I. Probability Density Functions and the Poisson Modeling of Vertical Strain
Research Article September 16 2020
The Poisson Link Between Internal Wave and Dissipation Scales in the Thermocline Part II. Internal Waves, Overturns, and the Energy Cascade
Research Article September 16 2020
The contribution of high frequency wind-generated surface waves to the Stokes drift
Research Article September 15 2020
Warm Spiral Streamers over Gulf Stream Warm-Core Rings
Research Article September 9 2020
Numerical Investigation of Bidirectional Mode-1 and -2 Internal Solitary Wave Generation from North and South of Batti Malv Island, Nicobar Islands, India
Research Article September 2 2020
Diapycnal transport near a sloping bottom boundary
Research Article August 28 2020
On the wave state dependence of the sea surface roughness at moderate wind speeds under mixed wave conditions
Research Article August 24 2020
Refraction and Straining of Near-Inertial Waves by Barotropic Eddies
Research Article June 29 2020
On the predictability of sea surface height around Palau
Research Article February 10 2020
Energetics of a Rotating Wind-forced Horizontal Convection Model of a Reentrant Channel
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