A new inter-pulse frequency-diverse technique is introduced for weather radar second-trip suppression and retrieval. Inter-pulse coding is widely used for second trip suppression or cross-polarization isolation. Here, a new inter-pulse scheme is discussed, taking advantage of frequency diverse waveforms. The simulations and performance tests are evaluated, keeping in mind NASA. dual-frequency, dual-polarization, Doppler radar (D3R). A new method is discussed to recover velocity and spectral width despite the incoherence in samples due to the change of frequency from pulse to pulse. This technique can recover the weather radar moments over a much higher dynamic range of the second trip contamination than the popular inter-pulse phase codes, for second trip suppression and retrieval under specific phase noise conditions. And it has a bigger recovery region of second trip velocity if the region is drawn with increasing spectral width (compared to other inter-pulse codes).

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