A review of convective cloud modeling spanning the period from the days of the NOAA Experimental Meteorology Laboratory (EML) in the late 1960s to 2000 is presented. The intent is to illustrate the evolution of cloud models from the one-dimensional parcel-type models to the current generation of three-dimensional convective storm models and cloud ensemble models. Moreover, it is shown that Dr. Joanne Simpson played a pivotal role in the evolution of cloud models from the very first models to current generation cloud ensemble models. It is also shown that the first concept of the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS) began while Drs. Cotton and Pielke worked under Dr. Simpson's supervision at EML. It is then illustrated how far cloud modeling has come with recent applications of RAMS to atmospheric research and numerical weather prediction. The chapter concludes with an outline of the major limitations of current generation convective cloud models.