Five storms in an average winter are of sufficient severity to concern the sheepherder or other outdoor worker in Utah: and the meteorological forerunners and advance evidences of these storms are often sufficiently well marked as to enable a careful observer, isolated from access to the daily weather forecasts, to make weather forecasts of sufficient range and accuracy as to assist in the protection of his interests.

An average or typical storm over the Plateau States is described, both from the meteorologist's viewpoint, and with especial reference to the attending phenomena that can be observed in any locality within the field of the storm's influence, by the layman without instrumental equipment, or with limited apparatus. Thus the lone observer, unversed in weather lore, is enabled more intelligently to read the weather signs from day to day.

A number of axioms or the more significant and reliable weather signs furnished by old-time observers in the West, are quoted: and a number of weather proverbs which have been found fairly reliable in Utah are presented, with brief explanations of their relevancy.