An extremely heavy rainfall occurred at Taborton, N. Y., on the afternoon and night of August 10, 1920. The catch as measured in a bucket, gave a total measurement for 24 hours as 11.62 inches, of which 8.95 inches fell during the main storm in late afternoon. Experiments were tried to determine the magnitude of errors owing to splash from a near-by roof and eddies about the pail. Deductive studies were made on the rise of water in Big Bownman Pond, the washing of roads, and dislodging of boundlers and all the evidence tends to the conclusion that the rainfall certainly amounted to 8 inches. The extent of the heavy downpour was very small, being most intense at Taborton and falling off markedly in all directions, towns 15 to 20 miles distant receiving only 1 or 2 inches of rain. In August, 1891, there was a similar heavy downpour in this locality, in which it is probable that more rain fell than on this occasion.