Hurricane Beulah developed near the island of Martinique on Sept. 7, 1967. About 36 hr after development, the hurricane came within range of the San Juan radar and was then followed by radar for about 34 hr as it moved westward to the south of Puerto Rico.

The variations in the radar configurations of Beulah during that period revealed an interesting feature concerning the evolution of the eye. Initially, the eye consisted of a very small closed ring somewhat isolated from the rest of the precipitation bands. In time, a second eye ring developed just outside the initial one; the hurricane then showed a “double eye” similar to what has been observed occasionally in other hurricanes. Later the inner eye ring dissipated, thus completing a cycle of evolution that, to our knowledge, had not been observed before.

Photographs of the radarscope depicting the changes are presented and discussed, and the development is compared to previously reported double eyes.