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Sukyoung Lee

1. Introduction From theoretical ( Rhines 1975 ) and numerical ( Williams 1978 ) studies, it is well known that in the presence of the meridional planetary vorticity gradient β , an upscale energy cascade generates zonal jets in two-dimensional turbulence. Numerical simulations of quasigeostrophic (QG) turbulence show that if the width of the baroclinically unstable region of the initial flow is greater than the inverse of Rhines’s cascade-arrest scale, ( β /2 u rms ) 1/2 , multiple zonal jets

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R. Bradley Pierce, T. Duncan Fairlie, William L. Grose, Richard Swinbank, and Alan O'Neill

15OCTOBER 1994 PIERCE ET AL. 2957Mixing Processes within the Polar Night Jet R. BRADLEY PIERCENASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia T. DUNCAN FAIRLIEScience and Technology Corporation, Hampton, Virginia WILLIAM L. GROSENASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia RICHARD SWINBANKU.K. Meteorological Office, Bracknell

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H. Gerber, Simon Chang, and Teddy Holt

1312 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOL. 46, NO. 10Evolution of a Marine Boundary-Layer Jet - H. GERBER, SIMON CHANG AND TEDDY HOLT*Naval Research Laboratory, Washington. DC(Manuscript received 11 April 1988, in final form 26 September 1988) High-resolution profilas of temperature and wind-speed measurements were made with a tethered balloon inand above the marine boundary layer at San Nicolas Island (SNI

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Gloria L. Manney, Terrence R. Nathan, and John L. Stanford

15SEPTEMBER 1988 MANNEY, NATHAN AND STANFORD 2545Barotropic Stability of Realistic Stratospheric Jets GLORIA L. MANNEYDepartment of Physics, lowa State University, Ames, Iowa TERRENCE R. NATHANDepartment of Earth Sciences, Meteorology Program, Iowa State University, Ames, lowa JOHN L. STANFORDDepartment of Physics, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa(Manuscript received 14 December 1987

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G. Brunet and T. Warn

VOL. 47, NO. 10 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES 15MAY1990Rossby Wave Critical Layers on a Jet G. BRUNET AND T. WARNDepartment of Meteorology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada(Manuscript received 31 July 1989, in final form 22 October 1989) ABSTRACT It is argued using simple examples that while free, barotropic Rossby wave critical layers on unbounded stablemonotone profiles are difficult to

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Peter R. Bannon

NOVEMBER 1979 PETER R. BANNON 2153 On the Dynamics of the East African Jet- 1II: Jel Transients PETER R. BANNON; National Center for Atmospheric Research2, Boulder, CO 80307 (Manuscript received 12 February 1979, in final form 19 June 1979) ABSTRACT A barotropic, primitive equation model on an equatorial beta plane is used

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Brian F. Farrell and Peteros J. Ioannou

]642 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Vet.. 52, No. i0Stochastic Dynamics of the Midlatitude Atmospheric Jet BRIAN F.Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts P~gos J. IOA~/~OUCenter for Meteorology and Physical Oceanography. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts(Manuscript received 14 June

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Orli Lachmy and Nili Harnik

1. Introduction The strength, shape, and latitude of the tropospheric jet stream vary spatially and temporally in a wide range of time scales, affecting the regional climate. The properties of the jet, including its short-time-scale variability, are affected by the surrounding conditions, such as the season ( Lindzen and Hou 1988 ; Kim and Lee 2004 ), changes in the diabatic forcing ( Son and Lee 2005 ), sea surface temperatures ( Lu et al. 2010 ), and stratospheric conditions ( Polvani and

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Petros Ioannou and Richard S. Lindzen

1 DECEMBER 1986 PETROS IOANNOU AND RICHARD S. LINDZEN 2999Baroclinic Instability in the Presence of Barotropic Jets PETROS IOANNOU*N. Erythrea, Athens, Greece RICHARD S. LINDZENCenter for Meteorology and Physica~ Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139(Manuscript received 28 January 1986, in final form 20 June 1986)ABSTRACT A formalism is developed for the calculation ofbaroclinic

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T. N. Krishnamurti, John Molinari, and Hua Lu Pan

solution of a verylong-term numerical integration from a state of rest exhibits many of the observed characteristics of thebroad-scale monsoons at 75-E. This later solution is used as a lateral forcing for the low-level jet simulations over the Arabian Sea-Indian Ocean. The numerical model presented here is a one-level primitive equation model with a detailed bottomtopography and a one-degree latitude grid size. Results of several controlled numerical experiments suppressing or including

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