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Joseph G. Fitzgerald and Brian F. Farrell

1. Introduction Coherent zonal jets are a common feature of geostrophic turbulence. The meridionally banded zonal winds of Jupiter ( Vasavada and Showman 2005 ) and the striations of Earth’s midlatitude oceans ( Maximenko et al. 2005 ) provide striking examples. Zonal jets also emerge in laboratory experiments and numerical simulations modeling the planetary turbulence regime ( Williams 1978 ; Huang and Robinson 1998 ; Read et al. 2007 ; Galperin and Read 2018 ). The barotropic β -plane

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J. D. Mahlman

544 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOLUMES0On the Maintenance of the Polar Front .Jet Stream J. D. MAItLMANGcophysica~ Fhdd Dynamics Laboratory, NOAA, Princetog University, Princeton, iV. Y. 08540 (Manuscript received 10 October 1972) ABSTRACT A calculation of the mean transverse circulation about the polar front jet stream is performed by using adiagnostic

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Rory O. R. Y. Thompson

A Prograde Jet Driven by Rossby Waves RORY 0. R. Y. THOMPSON]Oceanography Department, Florida State University. Tallahassee, FL 32306(Manuscript received 4 December 1979, in final form 8 February 1980)ABSTRACTWaves are forced by moving sources and sinks of mass on a beta-plane with Ekman friction. Ifthemotion is retrograde and not too fast, these are Rossby waves with a nonzero Reynolds stress u'c'.This stress forces a meridion$ mass flux which builds up a pressure gradient to allow a

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Albert I. Barcilon

796 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VoLu~ 25Phase Space Solution of Buoyant Jets ALBERT I. BARCILON*Gensral Eleztri, Company, King of Prussia, Pa.(Manuscript received 29 March I967, in revised form 7 September 1967)ABSTRACT The solution of buoyant jets in a calm stratified atmosphere is considered. The Morton model yields a setof differential equations that can be solved in a closed form in a phase space having for

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K. Haines and P. Malanotte-Rizzoli

510 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOL. 48, NO. 4Isolated Anomalies in Westerly Jet Streams: A Unified Approach K. HAINES* AND P. ]VIALANOTTE-RIZZOLICenter for Meteorology and Physical Oceanography, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts(Manuscript received 1 January 1990, in final form 10 August 1990) ABSTRACT A weakly nonlinear theory

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Keith F. Brill, Louis W. Uccellini, Richard P. Burkhart, Thomas T. Warner, and Richard A. Anthes

1306 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOL. 42, NO. 12Numerical Simulations of a Transverse Indirect Circulation and Low-Level Jet in the Exit Region of an Upper-Level Jet KEITH F. BRILL,*'t LOUIS W. UCCELLINI,t RICHARD P. BURKHART,g THOMAS T. WARNER** AND RICHARD A. ANTHES-*General Software Corporation, Landover, MD 20785; ?Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres, NASA

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Matthew H. Hitchman and Amihan S. Huesmann

lead to significant irreversible transport. Since it is straightforward to calculate P y < 0 and there are a growing number of studies using this or related criteria, we sought to create a more comprehensive RWB climatology, with a view toward future quantification of transport based on RWB. RWB can occur in association with critical surface absorption of planetary wave activity in the stratosphere, equatorward of the polar night jet. Baldwin and Holton (1988) analyzed P y reversals on the

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M. A. Shapiro and P. J. Kennedy

2642 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOLUME38Research Aircraft Measurements of Jet Stream Geostroph~c and Ageostrophic Winds M. A. SHAPIRO AND P. ~I. KENNEDY National Center for Atmospheric Research,~ P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307 (Manuscript received 2 April 1981, in final form 6 July 1981)ABSTRACT Radar altimeter and inertial navigation wind velocity .measurements from

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Valentina Pavan and Isaac M. Held

1262JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCESVow.. 53, No. 9The Diffusive Approximation for Eddy Fluxes in Barocllnicaily Unstable Jets VALENTINA PAVAN* -Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey Is~c M. HELDGeophysical Fluid Dynamics Laborutory/NOAA, Princeton, New Jersey(Manuscript received 23 lanuary 1995, in final form 5 September 1995)ABSTRACT A series of statistically steady states

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Lei Wang and Sukyoung Lee

1. Introduction Satellite observations and reanalysis products show evidence of poleward shifts of the mean latitude of the extratropical storm tracks ( McCabe et al. 2001 ; Fyfe 2003 ; Bender et al. 2012 ) and jets ( Lee and Feldstein 2013 ). Similar jet shifts have also been identified in the ensemble of twenty-first-century climate simulations ( Yin 2005 ; Tsushima et al. 2006 ; Meehl et al. 2007 ; Barnes and Polvani 2013 ). Kushner et al. (2001) showed that CO 2 increases can drive

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