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Murry L. Salby

l MARCH 1992 S A L B Y 405The Influence of Planetary-Wave Transience on Horizontal Air Motions in the Stratosphere MURRY L. SALBY*Department of Astrophysical, Planetary, and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado(Manuscript received l August 1990, in final form 1 l July 1991) ABSTRACT The influence of

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Christopher C. Walker and Gudrun Magnusdottir

1. Introduction Recent modeling studies have presented evidence that large-amplitude planetary waves propagating from the midlatitudes toward the Tropics are, after an initial period, reflected back toward the midlatitudes ( Brunet and Haynes 1996 ; Magnusdottir and Haynes 1999 , hereafter MH99; Magnusdottir and Walker 2000 , hereafter MW00; Esler et al. 2000 , hereafter EPP). As waves excited in midlatitudes propagate toward the equator, they encounter regions where their zonal phase speed

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L. Coy, I. Štajner, A. M. DaSilva, J. Joiner, R. B. Rood, S. Pawson, and S. J. Lin

1. Introduction The 4-day wave is a relatively common planetary-scale stratopause disturbance found mainly during the Southern Hemisphere winter. This high-latitude wave consists of wavenumber-1 (wave 1) and wavenumber-2 (wave 2) (and some higher wavenumber) components moving at nearly the same rotational period (the time for a crest to travel around a latitude circle), about 3–4 days, so that the period of the wave-2 component is about 1.5–2 days. Many studies of the 4-day wave have focused on

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Anthony R. Hansen and Alfonso Sutera

3250 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOL. 43, NO. 24On the Probability Density Distribution of Planetary-Scale Atmospheric Wave Amplitude ANTHONY R. HANSENMeteorology Research Center, Control Data Corporation, Minneapolis, MN 55440 ALFONSO SUTERACenter in the Environment and Man, Inc., West Hartford, CT 06117 and Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511'(Manuscript received

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Peili Wu

3590 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOL. 50, No. 21Nonlinear Resonance and Instability of Planetary Waves and Low-Frequency Variability in the Atmosphere PEILI WU*Department of Physics, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom(Manuscript received 26 October 1992, in final form 5 April 1993)ABSTRACT It is demonstrated in this work that linearly unstable planetary

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J. S. Frederiksen

1979 J. S. FREDERIKSEN 195The Effects of Long Planetary Waves on the Regions of Cyclogenesis: Linear Theory J. s. FREDERIKSENCSIRO Division of Atmospt~eric Physics, Aspendale, Victoria, Australia 3195(Manuscript received 29 June 1978, in revised form 19 October 1978)ABSTRACT A study is made of the effect of a long planetary wave on the regions of preferential

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Timothy J. Dunkerton and Mark P. Baldwin

15APRIL1991 TIMOTHY J. DUNKERTON AND MARK P. BALDWIN 1043Quasi-biennial Modulation of Planetary-Wave Fluxes in the Northern Hemisphere WinterTIMOTHY J. DUNKERTON AND MARK P. BALDWINNorthwest Research Associates, Inc., Bellevue, Washington(Manuscript received 22 May 1990, in final form 10 October 1990)ABSTRACT Using 25 years of National Meteorological Center (NMC) data for 1964-88 the relation between tropicaland

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Terrence R. Nathan and Long Li

15AUGUST1991 TERRENCE R. NATHAN AND LONG LI 1837Linear Stability of Free Planetary Waves in the Presence of Radiative-Photochemical Feedbacks TERRENCE R. NATHAN AND LONG LIDepartment of Land, Air, and Water Resources, University of California, Davis, California(Manuscript received 4 October 1990, in final form 25 February 1991) ABSTRACT A simple f

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Murry L. Salby, Donal O'Sullivan, Rolando R. Garcia, and Patrick Callaghan

15M^Y 1990 SALBY, O'SULLIVAN, GARCIA AND CALLAGHAN 1179Air Motions Accompanying the Development of a Planetary Wave Critical Layer MURRY L. SALBY*Department of Astrophysical, Planetary, and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado DONAL O'SULLIVANCenter for Atmospheric Theory and Analysis, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado ROLANDO R

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Masato Shiotani

3200 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE'S VOL. 43, NO. 24 Planetary Wave Activity in the Troposphere and Stratosphere during the Northern Hemisphere Winter MASATO SHIOTANI* NationM Center for Atmospheric Research,** Boulder, CO 80307 (Manuscript received 17 February 1986, in final form 29 July 1986) This paper describes the

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