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Michael Bennett, Simon Christie, Angus Graham, and David Raper

was wholly unsuited for operation at a commercial airport. Following the lead of researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation ( Wayson et al. 2002 ; Eberhard et al. 2005 ), however, we converted the system to frequency-tripled Nd:YAG, emitting in the UV-A at λ = 355 nm. Technical specifications of the system are given in Table 1 . Within the relevant British Standard [British Standard European Norm (BSEN) 60825-1:1994 with

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Dale A. Lawrence and Ben B. Balsley

only four small UAVs in that report were designated as instrumented for atmospheric research, namely, the meteorological mini-unmanned aerial vehicle (M 2 AV) Carolo T200 (2-m wingspan, 6-kg gross weight) ( Spiess et al. 2007 ; Martin et al. 2011 ); Manta (2.4-m wingspan, 27-kg gross weight); Aerosonde (33-m wingspan, 14-kg gross weight), ( Curry et al. 2004 ); and Irkut 2F (2.0-m wingspan, 2.8-kg gross weight). Based upon the above definition, three of these four could be defined as being mini

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Jerald A. Brotzge, J. Wang, C. D. Thorncroft, E. Joseph, N. Bain, N. Bassill, N. Farruggio, J. M. Freedman, K. Hemker Jr., D. Johnston, E. Kane, S. McKim, S. D. Miller, J. R. Minder, P. Naple, S. Perez, James J. Schwab, M. J. Schwab, and J. Sicker

:// ). A data recovery fee is charged for most commercial and academic use. To date, over 1000 requests for data have been received for a wide variety of uses. Requests for archived data have come from the transportation, water management, public health, and utility sectors. Data requests have also come from the private commercial sector for agriculture, civil engineering, and forensic meteorology, and there have been a number of requests for private use. Data are used extensively by K–12 schools and

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Timothy J. Wagner and Ralph A. Petersen

of AMDAR and WVSS observations. As noted by WMO (2017) and International Air Transport Association (IATA; IATA 2020 ), national meteorological and transportation services would do well to join with air carriers in their regions to explore mutually beneficial partnerships that would increase the number of airborne observations (especially from WVSS) in otherwise underobserved regions, such as much of the Southern Hemisphere. Acknowledgments Support for this research was provided by the National

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D. J. Belliveau, G. L. Bugden, B. M. Eid, and C. J. Calnan

.meters, which encompassed 5 mooring sites. (Fig. 2)Two automatic weather stations on opposite sides ofthe Strait provided meteorological data. A radar station,with a video recorder to record the ice motion, wasdeployed on the mainland side of the strait. This fieldstudy was designed to collect a detailed current and iceclimate dataset considered essential in the design andconstruction of a proposed fixed transportation linkconnecting Prince Edward Island to the mainland. Thestrong tides of over 1.5 m s-~ as

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George A. Maul, Mark Bushnell, and Stephen R. Baig

FEBRUARY 1991 NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCE 179NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCENowcasting Cross-Stream Profiles of Ocean Surface Current in the Straits of FloridaGEORGE A. MAUL,* STEPHEN R. BAIG** AND MARK BUSHNELL* *Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory/NOAA, Miami, Florida * * National Hurricane Center, NOAA, Miami, Florida 25 September 1990 and 2 October 1990ABSTRACT Cross

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Laura Mihai and Sabina Stefan

from cement processing activity). Moreover, one should consider the mechanical disintegration and the gas–particle conversion processes (which dominate in the industrial northeastern part of the town) that produce aerosols with diameters larger than 0.1 μ m. The gaseous pollution is generated locally due to the rapid development of economic activity, which is associated with the increase in the combustion of fossil fuel (in urban transportation as well as in traffic on the nearby belt road of

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A. Marillier, M. Cabane, and D. Cruette

Transportation, Climatic AssesmentProgram. National Technical Information Service, Springfield,Virginia.Gurvich, A. S., 1959: Acoustic microanemometer for investigation of the microstructure of turbulency. Acoustic J. (USSR), 5, 368 369.Holton, J. R., 1979: An introduction to dynamic meteorology. Int. Geoph. series, Vol. 23. Academic Press, 391 pp.Kaimal, J. C., and J. A. Businger, 1963: A continuous wave sonic anemometer thermometer. J. Appl. Meteor. 2, 156-164. -, J. C. Wyngaard and D. A. Haugen

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Barrie W. Jones

approximately 170 mHz, ingood agreement with the measured value. We use anelectronic filter, however, to define the high-frequencyc 1992 American Meteorological SocietyDECEMBER 1992 J O N E S 797solenoid fromreferencechambernylon tubedifferentialpressuretransducernylon tubechipboard(clad inJacket i~..~'aluminum foil)referencechamber(plus wire wool) -- ~~.._~.,~.~ aluminum cylinder &lt

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Scott Longmore, Steven Miller, Dan Bikos, Daniel Lindsey, Edward Szoke, Debra Molenar, Donald Hillger, Renate Brummer, and John Knaff

transportation could utilize the system for road conditions and damage. Federal agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the Environmental Protection Agency could benefit from PRs for forest fires, earthquake, possible pollution violations, etc. Centralized, categorized, and searchable PRs available through an interactive web portal, as in the one described above, could be helpful to private industry, such as insurance adjusters for damage claims and the media for news

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