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Alfred H. Woodcock

APRIL 1978 A L F R E D H . W O O D C O C K 657Marine Fog Droplets and Salt Nuclei--l~art I~ ALFRED H. WOODCOCKDepartment of Oceanography, University of Hawaii, Honolulu 96822(Manuscript received 6 June 1977, in final form 28 November 1977)ABSTRACT Water distribution in marine advection fogs, as a function of droplet size, is estimated from the weights ofthe salt particles found when fog droplets

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George A. Isaac, Terry Bullock, Jennifer Beale, and Steven Beale

1. Introduction Marine fog is a hazard to shipping, fishing, oil and gas operations, and search and rescue missions around the world. It can occur frequently as Dorman et al. (2017) have indicated, but it is also difficult to predict as described by Koračin (2017) . This paper describes observations made offshore Newfoundland and Labrador in one of the foggiest marine areas (see Dorman et al. 2017 ). Some unique measurements describing open-ocean fog have been made and the location of the

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William C. Thuman and Elmer Robinson

APRIL 1954 WILLIAM C. THUMAN AND ELMER ROBINSON151STUDIES OF ALASKAN ICE-FOG PARTICLESBy William C. Thuman and Elmer Robinson Stanford Research Institute1 (Manuscript received 28 September 1953)ABSTRACTDuring the 1952-1953 winter, studies were made at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, of ice fog and otherlow-temperature aerosol phenomena. The particulate material, collected by settling onto glass slides attemperatures below - 20C, was classified as hexagonal plates, prismatic columns

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J. V. Mallow

440 VoLu~. 32 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES Empirical Fog Droplet Size Distribution Functions with Finite Limits I. V. ~VIALI,OW1 I nterdiscip~inary A t~nospheric Sciences Research Group, Northwestern University, E~anston, IlL 6 June 1974 and 17 September 1974 ABSTRACT The Deirmendjian-Chu-Itogg fog droplet

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C. Corradini and G. Tonna

NOVEMBER 1980 C. CORRADINI AND G. TONNA 2535The Parameterization of the Gravitational Water Flux in Fog Models' C. CORRADINI AND G. TONNA Istituto di Fisica dell'dtmosfera, CNR, Roma, Italy(Manuscript received 21 January 1980, in final form 12 August 1980)ABSTRACTThe parameterization of the mean terminal fallspeed of the fog droplets u has been analyzed in termsof the ratio between the liquid water content and the droplet concentration, WIN, as linked to thegravitational water fluxG

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Ralph G. Eldridge

OCTOBER 1971 RALPH G. ELDRIDGE 1183The Relationship Between Visibility and Liquid Water Content in FogRALPH G. ELDRIDOE6 Preston Rd., Lexington, Mass.(Manuscript received 7 January 1971, in revised form 25 May 1971)ABSTRACT An analytical technique employing a fog drop-size distribution model is used to demonstrate the importance of the width of measured drop-size distributions when evolving a

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Robert Spirig, Roland Vogt, Jarl Are Larsen, Christian Feigenwinter, Andreas Wicki, Joel Franceschi, Eberhard Parlow, Bianca Adler, Norbert Kalthoff, Jan Cermak, Hendrik Andersen, Julia Fuchs, Andreas Bott, Maike Hacker, Niklas Wagner, Gillian Maggs-Kölling, Theo Wassenaar, and Mary Seely

Fog life cycles in the central Namib Desert have been studied during the NaFoLiCA intensive observation period, which is described together with initial analyses of the extensive dataset. Fog as a meteorological phenomenon is associated with low visibility, high relative humidity/cold air, and danger for car/air traffic. However, in one of the driest regions on Earth—the Namib Desert—fog instead represents a major source of water for plants and animals. Figure 1 illustrates this striking

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J. L. Vogel and F. A. Huff

$68 JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY VOLCr~E14Fog Effects Resulting from Power Plant Cooling Lakes J. L. VOGEL AND F. A. H~Illinois State Water Sur~ey, Urbana 61g01(Manuscript received 28 August 1974, in revised form 30 January 1975)ABSTRACT A study was made of the potential effects of the waste heat discharge from cooling lakes assodated withlarge power plants in the Midwest upon the distribution of

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David B. Johnson, Edward H. Barker, and Paul R. Lowe

1284 JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY VOLUME14A Numerical Study of Fog Clearing by Helicopter Downwash DAvm B. Jo~so~,~ EDWARD H. BAntam ~ PAUL R. Lo~En~ronment~ Predlclion R~rch F~ili~y, Na~M Pos~gr~uate School, ~t~, Calif. (Man~cfipt mc6ved 12 June 1974, in re~s~ form I May 1975)ABSTRACT A two-dimensional axially symmetric computer model was used to study downwash-induced fog clearings. In

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James W. Telford and Steven K. Chai

3336 JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES VOL. 50, NO. 19Marine Fog and Its Dissipation over Warm Water JAMES W. TELFORD AND STEVEN K. CHAIAtmospheric Sciences Center, Desert Research Institute, Reno, Nevada(Manuscript received 8 October 1992, in final form 9 March 1993)ABSTRACT A long aircraft flight in fog at altitude 60 m was conducted on 25 September 1981, due west from SanFrancisco, California

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