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Ya Yang, Xiang Li, Jing Wang, and Dongliang Yuan

1000-m-depth velocity in the equatorial Pacific Ocean are associated with the downward-propagating annual Rossby waves. Due to lack of observations, studies of the off-equatorial subsurface zonal currents above the Argo parking depth of 1000 m have been lacking. Using a linear continuously stratified ocean circulation model, Kessler and McCreary (1993) demonstrated that westward and downward propagation of annual Rossby waves are forced by annual zonal winds in the equatorial Pacific. Marin et

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Dongliang Yuan, Xiang Li, Zheng Wang, Yao Li, Jing Wang, Ya Yang, Xiaoyue Hu, Shuwen Tan, Hui Zhou, Adhitya Kusuma Wardana, Dewi Surinati, Adi Purwandana, Mochamad Furqon Azis Ismail, Praditya Avianto, Dirham Dirhamsyah, Zainal Arifin, and Jin-Song von Storch

. 1994 , 1996 , 2001 ; Sprintall et al. 2009 ; Gordon et al. 2010 ). Direct observations of the ocean currents in the Maluku Channel are rare, except for a few cruise surveys ( Sprintall et al. 2004 ; Gordon 2005 ; Gordon et al. 2010 ; Kashino et al. 2011 ) and a mooring with failed measurements above the 740-m depth ( Luick and Cresswell 2001 ). Traditional understanding of the ITF interannual variability dynamics is based on linear equatorial wave theory, which suggests that the equatorial

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Xiang Li, Dongliang Yuan, Zheng Wang, Yao Li, Corry Corvianawatie, Dewi Surinati, Asep Sandra, Ahmad Bayhaqi, Praditya Avianto, Edi Kusmanto, Dirham Dirhamsyah, and Zainal Arifin

measured successfully. The Indonesian Mixing Program (INDOMIX) focused mainly on the thermohaline stratification and mixing processes ( Koch-Larrouy et al. 2015 ). Thus, there is a lack of estimation of the upper-thermocline transports in the Halmahera Sea based on mooring measurements to date. The Halmahera Sea has been suggested to be the primary channel of the interbasin wave propagation between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans based on tide gauge sea level data ( Clarke and Liu 1994 ), which was

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