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James D. Doyle, Jonathan R. Moskaitis, Joel W. Feldmeier, Ronald J. Ferek, Mark Beaubien, Michael M. Bell, Daniel L. Cecil, Robert L. Creasey, Patrick Duran, Russell L. Elsberry, William A. Komaromi, John Molinari, David R. Ryglicki, Daniel P. Stern, Christopher S. Velden, Xuguang Wang, Todd Allen, Bradford S. Barrett, Peter G. Black, Jason P. Dunion, Kerry A. Emanuel, Patrick A. Harr, Lee Harrison, Eric A. Hendricks, Derrick Herndon, William Q. Jeffries, Sharanya J. Majumdar, James A. Moore, Zhaoxia Pu, Robert F. Rogers, Elizabeth R. Sanabia, Gregory J. Tripoli, and Da-Lin Zhang

outflow, as often seen for similar dropsonde-based wind and temperature profiles taken over TCs in the HS3 experiment ( Braun et al. 2016 ; note that HS3 obtained cloud-top-height information coincident with the dropsonde observations via the Cloud Physics Lidar instrument). Further analysis and modeling is needed to understand the complex upper-tropospheric–lower-stratospheric wind and temperature structure as revealed by the high-density dropsonde deployments performed over Marty, Joaquin, and

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