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Erin B. Munsell, Jason A. Sippel, Scott A. Braun, Yonghui Weng, and Fuqing Zhang

remaining aligned with the center of the tropical cyclone of interest. The three domains have 44 vertical levels with the top level at 10 hPa. The Grell–Devenyi cumulus parameterization scheme ( Grell and Devenyi 2002 ) is employed in the outermost domain only. Additional parameterization schemes include the WRF single-moment 6-class with graupel scheme ( Hong et al. 2004 ) for microphysics and the Yonsei State University (YSU) scheme ( Noh et al. 2003 ) for the planetary boundary layer. A one

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Robert F. Rogers, Jun A. Zhang, Jonathan Zawislak, Haiyan Jiang, George R. Alvey III, Edward J. Zipser, and Stephanie N. Stevenson

preferentially warms the region inside the RMW ( Shapiro and Willoughby 1982 ; Schubert and Hack 1982 ; Nolan et al. 2007 ; Vigh and Schubert 2009 ; Pendergrass and Willoughby 2009 ; Rogers 2010 ; Zhang and Chen 2012 ; Chen and Zhang 2013 ; Rogers et al. 2013b , 2015 ; Susca-Lopata et al. 2015 ). Radial inflow in the lower troposphere can establish regions of enhanced convergence, particularly in the planetary boundary layer (PBL), which have been shown to be preferred regions for the initiation of

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Jonathan Zawislak, Haiyan Jiang, George R. Alvey III, Edward J. Zipser, Robert F. Rogers, Jun A. Zhang, and Stephanie N. Stevenson

generally be largest downshear (favorable for convection) and lowest upshear ( Bogner et al. 2000 ; Molinari and Vollaro 2010 ; Molinari et al. 2012 ; Dolling and Barnes 2014 ), and decreases with decreasing radius toward the center, to near-neutral conditions near the center ( Bogner et al. 2000 ). Such a distribution of precipitation also impacts the planetary boundary layer (PBL) thermodynamics, where low equivalent potential temperature ( θ E ) air is transported to the surface in convective

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