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José L. Hernández, Syewoon Hwang, Francisco Escobedo, April H. Davis, and James W. Jones

were assessed separately and water use distribution was used to help explain changes in this land use category. We did not limit our study to the administrative boundary of the SWFWMD, but chose the wider coast to coast central Florida region in the modeling domain to better analyze comprehensive ocean–atmosphere–terrestrial interactions of major influence on peninsular climate conditions. Fig . 1. (a) The 1995–2006 evolution of LUC showed a dominant increase of 128 000 ha (26.6%) in urban areas

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Christopher A. Fiebrich, Jadwiga R. Ziolkowska, Phillip B. Chilson, and Elizabeth A. Pillar-Little

troposphere are “too limited in what they measure, too sparsely or unevenly distributed, frequently limited to regional areal coverage, and clearly do not qualify as a mesoscale network of national dimensions.” The report detailed that the highest priority observations included measurements of the height of the planetary boundary layer and high-resolution vertical profiles of humidity, while the second tier of needed observations included vertical profiles of wind and temperature. More recent reports have

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Rachel Hauser

1. Introduction Geoengineering refers to the deliberate manipulation of the earth’s climate system to reduce the effects of human-made climate change ( Keith 2000 ; Cicerone 2006 ; Crutzen 2006 ; MacCracken 2006 ; Schneider 2008 ). Geoengineering methods are typically categorized as either carbon dioxide removal (CDR) or solar radiation management (SRM) techniques. The former includes processes to remove carbon from the atmosphere, while the latter describes techniques to reduce incoming

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Katherine Foxhall

breezes breath And its stillness almost seems The pulseless calm of death. He added: “nothing but scorching rays from a burning sun fills the atmosphere—the sails hang from the yards and are motionless.” Except for circling sharks, everything seemed “at a standstill” ( White 1863 , Part 3). Later in the diary, White wrote that a consumptive girl had “lingered on and on through the hot weather gradually getting weaker and weaker til [sic] at last conveyed to the hospital she died” ( White 1863 , Part 4

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Jadwiga R. Ziolkowska, Christopher A. Fiebrich, J. D. Carlson, Andrea D. Melvin, Albert J. Sutherland, Kevin A. Kloesel, Gary D. McManus, Bradley G. Illston, James E. Hocker, and Reuben Reyes

Oklahoma’s winter wheat belt on the overlying atmosphere ( Lee et al. 2013 ). Illston et al. (2004) quantified soil moisture variability across Oklahoma at a variety of temporal scales, while Shellberg (1994) and Brotzge and Richardson (2003) investigated the temporal correlation of atmospheric and soil variables. Basara and Crawford (2002) used Mesonet data to quantify the relationship between soil moisture and atmospheric variables throughout the planetary boundary layer. Brotzge (2004

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George C. Nche

change) although some have inaccurate information about which human activities contribute to climate change (see Table 2 ). Table 2. Summary of responses on the causes of climate change. For instance, when asked about the major causes of climate change, Michael of Christ Embassy, Kano, responds “definitely, human activities contribute much to climate change.” Explaining further how human activities contribute to climate change, Michael says, The release of gas into the atmosphere…affects the ozone

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Aglaé Jézéquel, Vivian Dépoues, Hélène Guillemot, Amélie Rajaud, Mélodie Trolliet, Mathieu Vrac, Jean-Paul Vanderlinden, and Pascal Yiou

planetary mean temperature). EEA could hence make people realize the seriousness of climate change through its impacts on extremes. Another argument for EEA as a tool of communication is that it would be a way to link climate change to people’s experience, rather than to abstract scientific results. At this point, we find it important to highlight that there are many approaches to EEA, one of which, called the storyline approach, has been precisely developed with this goal in mind ( Trenberth et al

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Susan A. Crate

people’s belief. Although inhabitants understand the benefits of technology, they also observe how it not only despoils their local environment but, in this case, interferes with the cosmos—the planetary and celestial movements that, based on their knowledge, are one of several sources of orientation and weather prediction. 4) Global climate change Only four participants explained that the altered water regime changes are due to contemporary global climate change. The few in this group were either

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