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Jeongsoon Lee, Gahae Kim, Haeyoung Lee, Dongmin Moon, Jin-bok Lee, and Jeong Sik Lim


This study presents a high-precision method, using a preconcentrator–gas chromatograph with microelectron capture detector (GC-μECD), to measure SF6 at ambient levels. Carboxen 1000 was used as an adsorbent for the preconcentrator and exhibited a high adsorption efficiency for N2O and SF6 and low adsorption efficiency for O2. This enabled the selective removal of atmospheric O2 from analytes and improved repeatability of the SF6 peak that followed the O2 peak, in a separation column of activated alumina F1. In addition, the increased sensitivity resulting from preconcentrated SF6 improved the signal-to-noise ratio. This led to better analytical precision in comparison with other measurement methods including the conventional and forecut–backflush (FCBF) methods. The precision-to-drift ratios of the conventional, FCBF, and preconcentration methods were 0.11, 0.10, and 0.03, respectively. Analytical precision of the preconcentration method was 0.08% for 10 consecutive injections; this was the best among the three methods. The long-term drift of the SF6 response was inversely proportional to the laboratory pressure. Based on this finding, room pressure can be used to correct for ECD signal drift, with an uncertainty of 0.14% over a 48-h period, using the preconcentration method. Another advantage of the preconcentration method was the excellent linearity of the SF6 response to a wide range of concentrations, including its ambient concentration.

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