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Keiichi Ishioka, Jitsuko Hasegawa, and Shigeo Yoden

, 2007 : On the formation of geophysical and planetary zonal flows by near-resonant wave interactions. J. Fluid Mech. , 576 , 405 – 424 . Nozawa , T. , and S. Yoden , 1997 : Formation of zonal band structure in forced two-dimensional turbulence on a rotating sphere. Phys. Fluids , 9 , 2081 – 2093 . Rhines , P. B. , 1975 : Waves and turbulence on a beta-plane. J. Fluid Mech. , 69 , 417 – 443 . SGKS Group , 1995 : DCL-5.1. GFD-Dennou Club (in Japanese). [Available online at

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Robert X. Black and Brent A. McDaniel

circulation variability. A recent observational analysis of the Northern Hemisphere circulation indicates that, in fact, Northern Hemisphere SFW events accelerate the seasonal weakening of high-latitude circumpolar westerlies (in contrast to the climatological trend) simultaneously in the stratosphere and troposphere ( Black et al. 2006 , hereafter BMR ). The time evolution of the SFW events consists of a bidirectional dynamical coupling in which tropospheric planetary waves weaken the stratospheric

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Semion Sukoriansky, Nadejda Dikovskaya, and Boris Galperin

1. Introduction Terrestrial and planetary circulations are described by nonlinear equations that support various types of waves in the linear limit. The real flows exhibit a complicated interplay between turbulence and waves. While in a certain range of scales, turbulent scrambling may overwhelm the wave behavior and lead to the disappearance of the dispersion relation (such as in the small-scale range of stably stratified flows; see, e.g., Sukoriansky et al. 2005 ), on other scales, the wave

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R. K. Scott and L. M. Polvani

consistency near the equator one must substitute the equatorial deformation radius L eq ≡ ( aL D ) 1/2 , where L D = ( gH ) 1/2 /2Ω is the polar deformation radius, a is the planetary radius, and H is the mean layer depth. Treating L D as an external parameter, the dispersion relation for the modified Rossby–Haurwitz wave is where m and n are the azimuthal and total wavenumbers, respectively, in the expansion in spherical harmonics. This is an ad hoc expression but it is useful for

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Gang Chen, Isaac M. Held, and Walter A. Robinson

torque due to planetary or gravity waves via the downward control mechanism ( Haynes et al. 1991 ; Song and Robinson 2004 ). The responses of zonal winds and EP fluxes in the troposphere to the idealized stratospheric perturbation in Polvani and Kushner (2002) , are qualitatively very similar to the effects of surface drag. Changes in tropospheric phase speeds may play a role in this stratosphere–troposphere coupling context as well. They may also be relevant to the unforced annular mode

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Thomas Jung and Peter B. Rhines

most of the skill of 10-day forecasts of the midlatitudinal atmospheric flow arises from the predictability of the long waves). However, the relatively high predictability of zonal pressure-drag events across Greenland is consistent with our notion that planetary wave propagation, which is relatively predictable, is crucial in determining synoptic-scale developments associated with the Greenland massif. 4. Discussion We have used the zonal pressure drag time series on south Greenland as a tool to

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P. H. Haynes, D. A. Poet, and E. F. Shuckburgh

: Perturbed vortical layers and shear sheltering. Fluid Dyn. Res. , 24 , 375 – 404 . Joseph , B. , and B. Legras , 2002 : Relation between kinematic boundaries, stirring, and barriers for the Antarctic polar vortex. J. Atmos. Sci. , 59 , 1198 – 1212 . Juckes , M. N. , and M. E. McIntyre , 1987 : A high resolution, one-layer model of breaking planetary waves in the stratosphere. Nature , 328 , 590 – 596 . Koh , T-Y. , and R. A. Plumb , 2000 : Lobe dynamics applied to

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Adam P. Showman

. Ingersoll , 1989 : Jupiter’s Great Red Spot as a shallow water system. J. Atmos. Sci. , 46 , 3256 – 3278 . Dowling , T. E. , A. S. Fischer , P. J. Gierasch , J. Harrington , R. P. Lebeau , and C. M. Santori , 1998 : The Explicit Planetary Isentropic-Coordinate (EPIC) Atmospheric Model. Icarus , 132 , 221 – 238 . Farge , M. , and R. Sadourny , 1989 : Wave-vortex dynamics in rotating shallow water. J. Fluid Mech. , 206 , 433 – 462 . Galperin , B. , S. Sukoriansky

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Yohai Kaspi and Glenn R. Flierl

. , 2004 : A local model for planetary atmospheres forced by small-scale convection. J. Atmos. Sci. , 61 , 1420 – 1433 . Stamp , A. P. , and T. E. Dowling , 1993 : Jupiter’s winds and Arnol’d’s second stability theorem: Slowly moving waves and neutral stability. J. Geophys. Res. , 98 , 18847 – 18855 . Steinsaltz , D. , 1987 : Instability of baroclinic waves with bottom slope. J. Phys. Oceanogr. , 17 , 2343 – 2350 . Sun , Z-P. , G. Schubert , and G. A. Glatzmaier , 1993

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Cegeon J. Chan, R. Alan Plumb, and Ivana Cerovecki

). Therefore, migrating behavior in the ACC cannot be ruled out and merits further research. Acknowledgments We wish to thank three anonymous reviewers for their beneficial comments on this manuscript. This research was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grants OCE-0426307 and ATM-0314094. REFERENCES Andrews , D. G. , and M. E. McIntyre , 1976 : Planetary waves in horizontal and vertical shear: The generalized Eliassen–Palm relation and the mean zonal acceleration. J. Atmos. Sci

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