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P. Jonathan Gero, John A. Dykema, and James G. Anderson

optical watt and the electrical watt ( Martin et al. 1985 ). The other is source based through the use of blackbodies with SI-traceable thermometry whose radiance can be described by the Planck function for blackbody radiation ( Fox 2000 ). Although national meteorology institutes have built their primary radiometric scales around the detector-based method, on spaceborne infrared sounders lower uncertainties may be achieved with source-based methods. A review of remote sensing calibration by National

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William L. Smith, Lyle H. Horn, and Donald R. Johnson

526 JOURNAL OF APPLIED METEOROLOGY VO~.UME5On the Relation Between TIROS Radiation Measurements and Atmospheric Infrared CoolingWILLIA~ L. SMIT]~ LYLE H. Horn AND DONALD R. JOHNSON University of Wisconsin, Madison (Manuscript received 25 October 1965, in revised form 3 March 1966)ABSTRACT TIROS II channel 2 and channel 4 measurements of infrared radiation are st~tlstlcally correlated

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Roger L. Aagard

JUNE 1960ROGER L. AAGARD311MEASUREMENTS OF INFRARED RADIATION DIVERGENCE IN THE AND THE BLACK BALL1ATMOSPHERE WITH THE DOUBLE-RADIOMETER Roger L. Aagard University of Minnesota(Manuscript received 19 August 1959)ABSTRACTA double-radiometer for measuring infrared radiation divergence in the atmosphere is described. Threesoundings with this intrument and the black ball are compared. General agreement exists between the radiometer divergence measurements and the divergence

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Gerald F. Herman, Man-Li C. Wu, and Winthrop T. Johnson

JUNE 1980HERMAN, WU AND JOHNSON125 1The Effect of Clouds on the Earth's Solar and Infrared Radiation BudgetsGERALD F. HERMANDepartment of Meteorology, University of Wisconsin, Madison 53706, andNASA Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheric Science, Greenbelt, MD 20771MAN-LI C. WuNASA Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheric Science, Greenbelt, MD 20771 WINTHROP T. JOHNSONSigma Data Services Corp., c/o NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD 20771 (Manuscript received 15 March 1979

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Sidney C. Stern and Frederick Schwartzmann

APRIL 1954 SIDNEY C. STERN AND FREDERICK SCHWARTZMANN 121AN INFRARED DETECTOR FOR MEASUREMENT OF THE BACK RADIATION FROM THE SKY By Sidney C. Stern and Frederick Schwartamann Chemical Corps Biological Laboratories(Original manuscript received 22 August 1953 ; revised manuscript received 12 November 1953)ABSTRACTA long-wave radiometer is described in considerable detail. Physical and transmission characteristics ofthe bemispherical "windows" are presented, and

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Larry M. McMillin and David S. Crosby

Introduction The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) series of satellites carry instruments designed to measure atmospheric temperature and moisture. These instruments are the High-Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS), the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer, and the Microwave Sounding Unit (MSU). HIRS is the primary instrument for atmospheric sounding. It is well known that some of the 4.3- μ m HIRS channels are contaminated by solar radiation ( Wark 1993

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Edward S. Maykut

VOL. 3, NO. 3 JOIJRNAL OF APPI. IED METEOROLOGY JUNE 1964An Experiment in Objective Nephanalysis Using Proposed HRIR Satellite Infrared Radiation DatatEDWARD S. MAYKUT, MAJOR, USAF~ Air Weather Ser*qce, Washington, D. C.(Manuscript received 23 September 1963, in revised form 13 March 1964) ABSTRACT The characteristics of the proposed Nimbus-type satellite High

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Anthony R. Hansen and Richard L. Nagle

1370 MONTHLY WEATHER REVIEW VOLUME 112Estimates of the Generation of Available Potential Energy by Infrared Radiation ANTHONY R. HANSENt AND RICHARD L. NAGLEDepartment of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, New Haven, CT 06511(Manuscript received 23 December 1983, in final form 20 April 1984)ABSTRACT Data from the Nationai Meteorological Center and net outgoing infrared radiation (IR) data

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UDC 551.W1.776551.576.2/.1:551.SO7.352.2:551.521.14A Procedure for Estimating Cloud Amount and HeightFrom Satellite Infrared Radiation DataR. KOFFLER, A. G. DeCOTIIS, and P. KRISHNA RAO-National EnvironmentalSatellite Service, NOAA, Suitland, Md.ABgRAC1-A simple objective technique is presented data over the United States show good agreement withthat integrates satcllite-meamred infrared radiation temp- cloud observations obtained by surface observers anderatures with the National

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Douglas Lee Brooks

OCTOBER 1950DOUGLAS LEE BROOKS313A TABULAR METHOD FOR THE COMPUTATION OF TEMPERATURECHANGE BY INFRARED RADIATION IN THE FREE ATMOSPHERE By Douglas Lee Brooks Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyL2(Original manuscript received 19 July 1948; revised manuscript received 7 June 1950)ABSTRACTThis paper presents tables for the computation of the rate of temperature change due to infrared radiationin the free atmosphere. The tables are based on empirical measurements by F. A. Brooks

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