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Catherine A. Carlson and Gregory S. Forbes

OCTOBER 1989 CATHERINE A. CARLSON AND GREGORY S. FORBES 769A Case Study Using Kinematic Quantities Derived from a Triangle of VHF Doppler Wind Profilers CATHERINE A. CARLSONNASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama GREGORY S. FORBESDepartment of Meteorology, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania(Manuscript received 30 May 1988, in final form 22 March 1989

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M. A. Pedder

AUGUST 1981 NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCE 1813- On the Errors of Kinematic Vertical Motion Estimation Using Divergence Bias Adjustment Procedures M. A. PEDDERDepartment of Meteorology, University of Reading, Reading RG6 2AU, U.K.6 October 1980 and 25 February 1981ABSTRACT The expected error variance associated with a kinematic estimation of

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Lance F. Bosart

15 JUNE 1986 NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCE 1297 NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCEKinematic Vertical Motion and Relative Vorticity Profiles in a Long-Lived Midlatitude Convective System LANCE F. BOSARTDepartment of Atmospheric Science, State University of New York at Albany, Albany, NY 12222 2 October 1985 and 21 January 1986 ABSTRACTAverage kinematic vertical motion and relative vorticity profiles are presented for a long-lived midlatitudeconvective

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Carol L. Belt and Henry E. Fuelberg

FEBRUARY 1982 CAROL L. BELT AND HENRY E. FUELBERG 91The Effects of Random Errors in Rawinsonde Data on Derived Kinematic Quantities CAROL L. BELT~ AND HENRY E. FUELBERGDepartment of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO 63103(Manuscript received 4 August 1981, in final form 12 November 1981)ABSTRACT An analysis is conducted to assess the sensitivity of kinematic parameters

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Robert Cifelli, Lawrence Carey, Walter A. Petersen, and Steven A. Rutledge

kinematic and microphysical differences of east and west convection (e.g., Cifelli et al. 2002 ; Williams and Rutledge 2003, manuscript submitted to Mon. Wea. Rev. ); however, these studies were limited in scope (contrasting one event in the ER with one event in the WR) and did not address the issue of whether systematic differences were found across the entire dataset sampled during TRMM-LBA. The goal of this study is to examine the spectrum of convection sampled in this region during TRMM-LBA and

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UDC 551.511.2:551.558.2Note on Design of an Optimized Computation SchemeFor Kinematic Vertical Motion Fields lS2ERNEST C. KUNG-Department of Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.ABSTRACT-The design of an optimized computation of bias error accumulation in the kinematic o profiles seemsscheme for kinematic vertical motion fields with an upper to have been practically overcome. The discussionsair network is discussed with a scheme that incorporates include the general

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R. Molinari and A. D. Kirwan Jr.

Ju[-1975 R. MOLINARI AND A. D. KIRWAN, JR. 4:83Calculations of Differential Kinematic Properties from Lagrangian Observations in the Western Caribbean Sea ~R. MOLINARIA tl~ntic Oceanographic ~ Meteorological Laboratories, NOAA, Miami, Fla. 33149A. D. KmWA~, JR. Department of Oceanography, Texas A~M University, College Station 77843 (Manuscript received 12 December 1974

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Robert E. Hall

DECEMBER 1983 NOTES AND CORRESPONDENCE 2241A Note on the Linearized Form of the Kinematic Bottom Boundary Condition ROBERT E. HALLUniversity of California, San Diego, IGPP A-02S, La Jolla, CA 9209315 January 1981 and 6 June 1983ABSTRACT The exact kinematic bottom boundary condition is w = u. Vh at z = h. The linearized form in anincompressible flow is w = V. (uh) at z = O. Use

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G. Z. Forristall, E. G. Ward, V. J. Cardone, and L. E. Borgmann

858 JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL OCEANOGRAPHY VOLUblE8The Directional Spectra and Kinematics of Surface Gravity Waves in Tropical Storm Della G. Z. FORRISTALL AND E. G. WARDShell Development Company, P. O. Box 481, Houston TX 77001 V. J. CARDONEOceanweather, Inc., Box 3772, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017 L. E. BORGMANNStatistics Laboratory, University of Wyoming

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Matthew E. Pyle, Daniel Keyser, and Lance F. Bosart

; Bluestein and Thomas 1984 ), and the mesoscale enhancement of precipitation (e.g., Cahir 1971 ; Uccellini and Kocin 1987 ; Hakim and Uccellini 1992 ) have been conducted for a number of decades. Conceptual models depicting jet-streak kinematic signatures in various flow configurations also have a long record in the literature (e.g., Namias and Clapp 1949 ; Bjerknes 1951 ; Beebe and Bates 1955 ; Shapiro 1982 ). In addition to receiving scrutiny from the preceding significant-weather and kinematic

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